Ficep 1103 DEB Laser
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Description of Ficep 1103 DEB Laser

Ficep Endeavour - Katana saw and drill line

The Ficep Endeavour - Katana saw and drill line is a combination of a FICEP Endeavour 1103 DEB beam drill line with a Ficep Katana SCS 126 miter band saw.

Ficep Endeavour Katana 1103 DEB multi-spindle drilling line.

The powerful Ficep drillind and sawing line is optimal for sawing, drilling and marking of sectional steel and flat steel in the steel processing industry.

The sectional steel and flat steel is moved, positioned and measured in the X-axis (length axis) with a roller measuring feed. This roller measuring feed in combination with a laser measuring system ensures accurate material measurement in the X-axis.

Ficep Katana SCS 126 bandsaw with miter adjustment

The Ficep Katana horizontal bandsaw with miter adjustment has a cutting range

    - at 90° min. 80 x 10 mm up to max. 1250 x 450 mm
    - at 45° max. 800 x 450 mm
    - at 60° max. 500 x 450 mm

The CNC controlled Ficep SCS 126 bandsaw is suitable for the use of Röntgen high performance saw bands in the saw band dimensions of 10.500 x 67 x 1.6 mm. A magnetic system is used to move short parts on the band saw and also to remove them.

Ficep Endeavour 1103 DEB laser

Ficep Endeavour 1103 DEB laser beam drill line is a CNC controlled 3 axes drilling machine

The Ficep Endeavour drilling machine is equipped with 3 drilling axes and each drilling spindle with an automatic 4-fold tool changer. For the tool changer 12 HSK-A63 tool holders are used.
The powerful 19 kW drill drive of the drilling unit is designed for high performance drilling with spindle speeds from 180 to 3000 rpm. The drill spindle speeds are continuously adjustable. Spindle feed speed during drilling from 40 to 800 mm/min.
Due to the high drive power, the beam drill line is designed for drilling with Hartner solid carbide drills or Kennametal KSEM carbide drills. A chip conveyor in the drilling unit ensures good chip removal.

The Ficep line is equipped with a transport system consisting of stable driven roller conveyors for profile transport of about 20 m in the infeed and about 15 m in the outfeed.

The drill and saw line is equipped with a Mitrol CNC control system with software type MINOSSE.
The programming is done either at the machine with the Mitrol CNC control and the MINOSSE software or via a data interface from the office. Programming and transfer of CAD data is done in DSTV or DXF format.

The machine is equipped with a marking unit mod. MKT36N for embossing numbers and figures. The marking unit has 36 positions incl. 1 set of marking characters.

Ficep Endeavour Katana working range

The working ranges of the saw drill line for the profile sizes are listed below:

  •     Double beam dimensions beam height min. 80 mm to max. 1100 mm, flange width min. 42 mm to max. 450 mm
  •     UPN iron Dimensions web height min. 80 mm to max. 1100 mm, flange width min. 45 mm to max. 300 mm
  •     Angle sections Dimensions leg height (also unequal leg) min. 80 x 80 x 8 mm to max. 250 x 250 x 40 mm
  •     Flat material dimensions width min. 100 mm to max. 1100 mm
  •     Square tube-square Dimensions min. 80 x 80 mm up to max. 450 x 450 mm
  •     Square tube-rectangular Dimensions min. 80 x 40 mm up to max. 1100 x 450 mm

The Ficep drill-saw line combination is in very good condition and optimally suited for long-term use. Spare parts supply and service of this drill saw combination is available worldwide through Ficep.

Nenok as a used machinery specialist for the steel construction industry is pleased to offer its customers transport, assembly, commissioning and training.

  • : 450 x 1250 mm
  • : 40 mm
  • : 3 Stk.
  • : Mitrol
  • : 20 - 100 m/min
  • : 10.500 x 67 x 1,6 mm
  • : 180 - 3000 U/min
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