Ficep Victory 11
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Description of Ficep Victory 11

Voortman V 600 beam drill line for beams with the movable drill unit VDH 1000
CNC controlled (computer control system VACON 110) movable drill unit lengthwise. Adjustment 0 - 18.300 mm, with automatic tool changer, vertical hydraulic hold-down clamp, messuring of web and flange height, compressor for air and oil cooling, with an automatic electronic continous feed and speed control (constant monitoring) by which an optimal machining is possible. Adjustment by a frequency controlled spindle drive, thread-cutting as well as affixing of punch points is possible. Robust and torsion-free rack for the admission and guiding from the drill unit which is horizontal mounted at the cabin.
Use of nenok - HSS inner coolant drills or carbide drills which are cooled by an oil-air-mixture.

Automatic length messuring of the new onsetted drill so that you do not have to program the lenght of the drill.
While drilling the following 3 axis are used:
X-Axis for positioning of the drilling cabine in legnthwise (0 - 18.300 mm, max. 40 m/min)
Y-Axis for the vertical height adjustment of the drill unit (0 - 1.000 mm, max. 30 m/min)
Z-Axis for the horizontal positioning of the drill unit (0 - 450 mm, max. 30 m/min)

The Voortman V600 works with 2 hydraulic hold-down clamp cylinder which stuck the beam vertically, incl. 2 vertical linear guidance with carriage on top of the drill cabine to guide the tensioning device; lift of the tensioning device: 1.050 mm
Furthermore, the V600 is equipped with a web- and flange height measurement and the hydraulic cylinder of the vertical clamp is equipped with a displacement that measures the actual flange height of the beam. At the same time a sensor is installed in the vertical clamp for measuring the web height. The drill holes within the flange can be positioned in the midth of the measured web- and flange height. The drill table with 12 lateral material support units is used as stock, length 1.500 mm, height 920 mm (+/-25mm)

  • : 400 x 1000 mm
  • : 1 Stk.
  • : 8 - 40 mm
  • : M8-M24
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