Ficep Gemini HPE32
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Description of Ficep Gemini HPE32

Ficep Gemini HPE32 plate processing center in portal design for the economical processing of steel plates and sheet metal panels in steel processing, steel trade and plant engineering.

This used Gemini HPE32 plate processing center is designed for automatic thermal plasma cutting, high-performance drilling, milling, thread cutting and scribing for large steel plates and sheet metal panels.
The very stable machine portal of the Gemini moves with the attached thermal 3D beveling cutting system and the high-performance drilling unit over the flame cutting table on which the sheet metal plates to be processed are placed. The gas mixing unit is built into the gantry for protection. The Hypertherm 260XD plasma source is installed next to the system.

Gemini HPE32 Technical data:

Sheet dimensions: Maximum sheet panel length 12,000 mm x width 3000 mm
Drilling spindle speed: from 250 - 7,000 rpm
Drilling spindle motor power 15 kW
Plasma cutting unit: Hypertherm HPR 260 XD
Sheet thickness: Max 64 mm Sheet cutting

The sheet is fixed to the material support via 4 clamping profiles for the drilling, signing or milling processes. The drilling spindle has an additional travel distance of 250 mm for milling and scribing (marking or signing). This means that milling operations can be carried out over this travel path and holes can be drilled in this area without the component (sheet metal panel) having to be clamped again. This results in a high processing speed.

Plasma cutting of holes can be carried out up to a sheet thickness of 38 mm without pre-drilling.

In addition, the True Hole process patented by Hypertherm is used in conjunction with the HPE 260 XD plasma source in conjunction with the nesting software. Plasma cutting of holes is precise up to a sheet thickness of 20 mm. More detailed data can be found in the Hypertherm description.

The plasma cutting head can be tilted by up to 45° and rotated for angled cuts, e.g. for weld seam preparation.

Automatic tool changer: with 24 tool stations for holding ISO 40 tool holders.
Drilling diameter: from 10 - 40 mm

Milling: max. 250 mm (x-axis movement)

Compressed air for gas: 8.3 bar

Minimum quantity lubrication

CNC control:

Ficep has chosen the modern and reliable FANUC CNC, type Series 3ti - Model B5 to control the Gemini system.


Ficep Mitrol Pegaso Version 1.9.6 with DSTV interface for data transfer

Nenok recommends the use of the nesting software from Steelproject, which previously transferred the data to the machine. This can be purchased as an option via FICEP.

Machine safety:

Thanks to the two Sick safety laser scanners and the additionally installed cable clamps with release mechanism, metal sheets can also be removed or placed in the safe area during the machining process.

Extraction and filter unit:

The manufacturer of the filter unit is TAMA Air Filtration from Italy, including the piping up to the flame-cutting table.

Separate flaps controlled by cams as the portal passes by ensure that the extraction system is only activated in the machine area where processing is taking place. This reduces the necessary energy consumption.

Working height: 680 mm

Please note the changing performance characteristics in different model years due to innovations. We therefore assume no liability or guarantee for the topicality, correctness and completeness of the information and technical data provided on this website.
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