Gietart GW 3200-815
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Simatic S7-300
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Description of Gietart GW 3200-815

Used Gietart GW 3200-815 blast machine. The Gietart GW series is particularly suitable for operations with a high performance expectation for a high blasting throughput due to its robust construction.
This unit has been regularly maintained and is therefore in good condition. The Gietart GW 3200-815 was manufactured in Hengelo, the Netherlands, and is ideally suited for use in a larger steel construction company or steel trade.
The blast machine with a passage opening of 3.600x200/2.500x600/1.000x700mm. mm has 8 pcs. C380 blast turbines with direct drive of an axial mechanical abrasive pre-acceleration and 11 kW drive power each.
The operating speed is 0.9 - 1.8 m/min and the throughput speed 0.6 - 10 m/min.
For efficient blasting, round abrasive ø 0.9 - 1.2 mm, 45 - 51HRC or steel wire grit ø 0.9 - 1.2 mm, 1,700 N/mm2 can be used.
Our application engineers will be happy to help you select the optimum abrasive.
The system is suitable for blasting:
Sheets with a maximum width of 3,200 mm and a minimum thickness of 3 mm.
Profiles with a maximum size of 1,000 x 300 mm with a maximum document width of 2,300 mm.
The minimum transport length is 2,000 mm and the maximum transport weight is 1,000 kg/m.
The blasting machine consists of a 10 mm thick machine housing with a 4 mm thick manganese lining for protection. In addition, the blast chamber has a bolted 8 mm thick manganese wear strip lining for easy maintenance.
The inlet sluice and outlet sluice are each 1000 mm long and each has 5 rubber curtains to keep the abrasive in the blasting chamber during blasting.
Furthermore, the blasting machine includes a collection hopper with screw conveyor and bucket elevator with 7.5 kW gear motor and electronic speed monitoring. A transverse screw conveyor from the bucket elevator to the blasting medium container as well as a blasting medium cleaner with sieve and a 3-fold cascade air cleaning system, a blasting medium container with a capacity of 1,200 litres without blasting medium, a blasting medium pre-separator, an inspection platform with ladder, a blasting medium control system and electronic scanning in the roller table for blasting medium control with automatic adjustment to the throughput speed. The workpieces are conveyed through the machine via transport rollers Ø 140 mm in wear-resistant design made of solid material.

The roller table drive has 3 kW and is electronically adjustable from 0.6 - 10 m/min with digital display in the control cabinet.
The blast machine has an automatic height adjustment of the brush and blow-off system. The adjustment of the 4 outer turbines is done electro-pneumatically. A 2,000 mm collecting hopper with transport screw and grating cover is located under the discharge roller conveyor. There is a safety shut-off at the discharge roller table.

Total connected load: approx. 130 kW, motors from 5 kW with star-delta connection
The brush blow-off device has a feed-through opening of 3,200 x 700 mm and an operating power: approx. 16 kW. The integrated workpiece cleaning system uses a rotating brush and a targeted air stream. This consists of a machine housing with collecting hopper, screw conveyor and gear motor, 4 transport rollers Ø 140 x 3,200 mm, a screw conveyor in front of the brush. a safety device for the brush and a cross-flow blower. The brush, screw conveyor and cross-flow blower are integrated in one frame and are adjusted together to the correct height.
The fully automatic extraction system is suitable for continuous operation and consists of:
Filter make Sult

The control cabinet is equipped with a text display SIMATIC C7-633 in Dutch language with operating elements for complete control of the system and automatic starting of the drives. The operating hours counter and the ampere measurement of the individual turbines are integrated in the system and connected with an LED flashing light for signalling alarm messages.
Switching material Siemens
PLC control Siemens Simatic S7 - 300

The system has a maximum height of 7,100 mm with a roller table height of 900 mm.

1)The blast machine has automatic height adjustment of the brush and blow-off system.
2)The adjustment of the 4 outer turbines is electro-pneumatic.
3) A 6,000 mm collecting hopper with transport screw and grating cover is located under the discharge roller conveyor.
4) There is a safety shut-off at the discharge roller table.
5) Frequency controlled turbines
6) Short roller distance of 350 mm into the blast machine for blasting parts with a minimum length of 1,000 mm.

The blast machine is offered without a transport system such as roller conveyors or cross conveyors.

Nenok is also happy to offer you support with loading, transport, assembly and commissioning by trained specialist personnel.

  • : 1 St
  • : 3200 mm
  • : 700 mm
  • : 8 St.
  • : 11 kW
  • : 0,6 - 3 m/min.
  • : mm
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