Kaltenbach KF 2512 P
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Description of Kaltenbach KF 2512 P

Kaltenbach KF 2512 CNC sheet metal working centre

The Kaltenbach sheet metal working centre is very well suited for modern steel construction and steel trading. The plate drilling torch is optimally applicable for the production of head plates, connecting plates and foot plates in steel construction. The option of tear plate machining is also included.

The KF 2512 sheet metal processing centre has 2 main processing stations which can be separately adjusted in position in the Y-axis (in the cross travel). This enables the machining of 2 workpieces simultaneously. The flame cutting units are each equipped with an oxyfuel flame cutting unit (currently used with propane gas) and a Hypertherm plasma flame cutting unit. For thicker workpieces from 35 mm, the oxy-fuel cutting unit is used. The 2 separate drilling units are suitable for the use of carbide drills with indexable inserts such as Gühring HT 800, Hartner Multiplex drills and KSEM Kennametal drills as well as solid carbide drills from Hartner. Normal HSS coolant channel drills can also be used.
The Kaltenbach sheet metal working machine is supplied including an infeed roller table with pusher tongs carriage for 6 to 8 metre long sheet metal panels and 2 metre outfeed roller table. A tilting table conveys the burnt-out parts into the respective material box.
Both drilling units are equipped with a 6-position automatic tool changer. The tool changer allows an easy and quick change of the tools with the tool holder SK 40. A micro-dosing system for the cooling of the drilling tools is integrated.

A marking embossing for numbers and letters is available for quick marking of the sheets. The embossings of the marking system are still clearly visible after galvanising or painting.

With this modern KF 2512 sheet metal processing centre, it is possible to mark parts, drill, countersink, cut threads, process tear plates and cut with oxyfuel and plasma.

Since the spindle speeds and drilling feeds as well as the automatic drill length detection are programmed, you have short programming times.

  • : 2 Stk.
  • : 8 - 50 mm
  • :
  • : 12 t
  • : 220 - 2500 mm
  • : 6 - 60 mm
  • : 50 - 6000 mm
  • : 6000 kg
  • : 2 x 6-fach
  • : 26 kW
  • : 10000 mm/min
  • : 0-800 mm/min
  • : 30000 mm/min
  • : 200 mm
  • : M8 – M30