Kaltenbach KKS 400 NA
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Description of Kaltenbach KKS 400 NA

The used Kaltenbach KKS 400 NA automatic circular saw is a universal and compact underfloor circular saw with feed gripper for automatic sawing operation.

In the Kaltenbach KKS 400 saw series, the circular saw blade works from the bottom up. The saw blade diameter is 400 mm. The KKS circular saw is used in series production in steel construction and metal construction for sawing flat steel, angular steel and solid material as well as pipes and other special profiles.
The compact Kaltenbach KKS 400 circular saw is equipped with a rotating saw table for mitre adjustment. The rotating saw table can be adjusted as required within a range of 180 degrees according to scale and vernier. For quick adjustment, there are fixed stops of 90 or 45 degrees right and left that can be set on the rotary table. The hydraulic saw blade feed is infinitely adjustable according to the table. Adjustment can be made at any time, even during the sawing process. A maximum of 20 programmes with 10 sets each (length and number of pieces) can be entered in the table mode of the E-Pos keyboard for the automatic feeder.

A loading magazine and roller tables can be purchased separately from Kaltenbach as an option for this circular saw.

Depending on the type of circular saw blade you want to use for this machine, we can offer you the appropriate type with a thickness of 2.2 to max. 5 mm. Depending on how many teeth are needed and whether a HSS solid steel saw blade or a HSS segment saw blade is required, a different saw blade type is used. This is because an HSS solid steel circular saw blade can be used for sawing general metals such as (general structural steel, grey cast iron, medium non-ferrous metals, tooth form C, steel profiles, steel pipes, thin-walled and double-walled pipes). An HSS segment circular saw blade, on the other hand, can only be used for general structural steel, grey cast iron, medium non-ferrous metals and tooth form C. The segment circular saw blade has the advantage that in case of damage, the individual segment(s) can be replaced instead of the entire saw blade. This allows you to work economically. 

Kaltenbach or our technicians will be happy to help you choose the right circular saw blade.

A large number of Kaltenbach circular saws from this KKS product range have been in reliable operation worldwide for many years. This means that servicing as well as the procurement of any required spare parts is possible through various service providers and, among others, through the manufacturer Kaltenbach or through the company Profiltec from Lörrach.

  • : 400 mm
  • : 2,2 - 5 mm
  • : 0 - 1000 mm/min
  • : +/- 90° mm
  • : 50 mm
  • : 1,7 / 2,6 kW
  • : 1,7 t
  • : 120 x 120 mm
  • : 305 x 40 mm
  • : 130 mm
  • : 2650 x 1290 mm