Kaltenbach WBZ 1500
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Description of Kaltenbach WBZ 1500

Kaltenbach WBZ 1500 Sheet metal working centre - CNC controlled flame drilling machine available as used machine at Nenok from Cologne, Germany

With the Kaltenbach sheet metal working centre the operator has a multifunctional plant for steel construction, steel trade and appliance construction. With this CNC controlled plant you achieve a high flexibility and economic efficiency for your sheet metal production.

With this used flat steel machining centre type WBZ 1500 a multitude of working steps can be carried out in one plant by one machine operator: Drilling, countersinking, threading and flame cutting of sheet metal, sheet metal strips, and flat steel. The production of head plates, foot plates and gusset plates becomes cost-effective and economical with this sheet metal processing center.

Mode of operation of the Kaltenbach WBZ 1500

First, the contour data is read into the CNC control manually or by transferring CAD data in DSTV format. The control takes the generated data and converts it into machine commands so that the positioning axes can move to the desired drilling or torch positions. Afterwards, the metal sheets or the flat steel are placed on the infeed roller conveyor in their initial length. The length measuring device consisting of a pushing and pulling gripper carriage with hydraulic collet then positions the workpiece (the plate) first for the drilling process and then under the torch unit to burn out the component in the desired shape. Afterwards, the almost finished components are usually deburred or marked by the machine operator directly next to the machine and made available for production.

Technical description of the WBZ 1500

The plate width must be at least 100 mm with a maximum of 1,500 mm. The panel thickness is a minimum of 8 mm and a maximum of 50 mm. The panel must have a minimum length of 500 mm and a maximum length of 6,000 mm. The maximum unit weight is 1,500 kg.

A 6.3 m infeed roller conveyor with measuring carriage is included. There are 15 rollers with a roller diameter of 110 mm and a roller width of 1550 mm. There are 8 vertical guide rollers. The cut-off delivery has a length of 2000 mm with 11 rollers, a roller diameter of 98 mm and a roller width of 1550 mm. Optionally 4 cross tractors with chain towing system are available for the infeed side.

The Kaltenbach WBZ 1500 has a tool changer with 5 tool positions. The drilling unit is suitable for HSS coolant channel drills, which can be purchased from Nenok. Drills with a diameter of 10-40 mm can be used on the machine. There are 7 spindle speeds, which operate frequency controlled from 100-600 rpm. The spindle stroke is 350 mm. The rapid forward and reverse speeds are. 5000 and 8000 mm/min respectively. The drilling feed is between 0-200 mm/min. The feed force is max. 20 kN. The torque is max. 300 Nm.
The drilling motor has a drive power of 7.5 kW. The positioning drive of the spindle and the measuring carriage has a power of 2.8 kW each. The hydraulic motor requires 4.0 kW drive power.
The working height is 640 mm.
The plant dimensions are: 13.500 mm long, 3700 mm wide and 3000 mm high. The weight of the system without accessories is 6800 kg.

The Kaltenbach WBZ 1500 is equipped with an autogenous burning unit.

On request, Nenok can provide professional disassembly and assembly as well as machine service and spare parts for ongoing operation.

  • : 50 mm
  • : 40 mm
  • : 10 mm
  • : 7,5 kW
  • : Oxyfuel cutting
  • : 4,0 kW
  • : 6,8 t
  • : 1500 kg
  • : 1500 mm
  • : 6000 mm
  • : 5-fach
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