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Description of Kaltenbach KBS1010-KDS1015

Kaltenbach KBS 1010 -KDS 1015 Drill saw line

The Kaltenbach drilling saw line is a combination of a KBS1010DG double miter bandsaw and a KDS1015 profile beam drilling line for processing sectional steel in steel construction and the steel trade. The system includes an autosorter system and the Kaltenbach T 12 transport system for 16 m long steel profiles (H, L, U, T & І profiles, 4 edge tubes and flat steel). The material flow is from right to left. It is also possible to operate the machine in fully automatic mode.

This Kaltenbach drill saw system consists of:

  • Kaltenbach KDS 1015 drilling system
  • Kaltenbach KBS 1015 DG double mitre horizontal bandsaw
  • Kaltenbach Autosorter
  • Kaltenbach CNC control and Profiline software
  • Kaltenbach T 12 transport system

Kaltenbach KDS 1015 drilling system

The profile drilling machine, Kaltenbach KDS 1015, designed as a stable welded construction, is designed for drilling with solid carbide drills up to 20 mm, as well as carbide indexable insert drills from 10 - 32 mm and HSS coolant channel drills up to 40 mm each. Programmed drill speeds and feed rates are taken from the stored Profiline software database. These can be adjusted manually The material dimensions for drilling (profile steel) are a maximum of 1010 x 415 mm and a minimum of 50 x 5 mm. The 3 drilling axes each have a power of 15 kW and are servo-controlled.
The feed speed is infinitely variable from 10 - 1500 mm/min. The spindle speed from 100 - 3000 rpm. There is a 5-fold tool changer for each drilling axis. The drilling machine can drill, tap, countersink and perform 3-axis marking using a pneumatically driven tool.

Scope of equipment KBS drilling machine

  • Profile size 1040 x 415 mm
  • Drill HSS 10 - 40 mm
  • Drill bit solid carbide 10 - 20 mm
  • Drill with carbide insert, indexable inserts: 10 - 32 mm
  • Drill speed 100 - 3000 rpm
  • 3 drilling axes
  • One 5-slot tool changer per drilling axis
  • Functions: Drilling, countersinking, thread cutting, 3-axis marking with special tool
  • Micro-dosing device for cooling and lubrication
  • Automatic drill length and profile measurement
  • Electronic feed control
  • Control of material dimensions and comparison with programmed profile
  • Pull-out chip collection tray

Kaltenbach KBS 1015 DG double mitre horizontal bandsaw

The Kaltenbach KBS 1015 high-performance bandsaw is suitable for double miter cuts. The mitre angles are - 45°/ + 60°. After the saw there is an automatic parts and remnant removal station, the Kaltenbach Autosorter. The cutting speed of the saw is 15 - 125 m/min. The material dimensions of the saw are max. 1010 x 500 mm and min. 80 x 5 mm. the feed speed is 0-400 mm/min. The drive power of the saw is 7.5 kW.

Material dimensions for mitre angle

  • 90° : 1010 x 500 mm
  • + 60° : 895 x 500 mm
  • + 45° : 735 x 500 mm
  • - 45° : 695 x 500 mm

Technical equipment KBS band saw:

  • The saw lowers when the material is transported freely.
  • Saw band dimensions Bi-Metal 7470 x 41 x 1.3 mm
  • Electrically driven chip brush for chip removal on the saw blade
  • Chip collection tray in the saw body
  • Slip monitoring
  • Hydraulic saw blade tension, electrically monitored with stop in case of breakage
  • Hydraulic horizontal and vertical vice

Kaltenbach Autosorter

With the Kaltenbach Autosorter system, all materials that are smaller than 1500 mm and cannot be transported automatically on the outfeed-side roller conveyor can be discharged fully automatically after the saw and thrown off to the side. This includes head, end and intermediate pieces, cut straight or at an angle, as well as remnant lengths of up to 1500 mm (collecting device not included).
By activating this autosorter, the minimum width processing capacity of the saw is increased to 80 mm.

Kaltenbach CNC control

The drilling saw combination is operated with the Kaltenbach CNC software Profiline III. A new computer with Windows 7 was installed in 2019. Data is transferred from the office computer to the machine computer in the control panel in DSTV format using a data cable. Orders can also be entered manually during the machining process. The tools and speeds are selected automatically using existing material, profile and tool databases. Manual correction is possible.

CNC control scope:

  • Kaltenbach Profiline III Software
  • Windows 7
  • DSTV interface
  • Remote maintenance module
  • Touch screen in the control panel
  • Air-conditioned control cabinet

Kaltenbach T12 transport system

The Kaltenbach T12 transport system consists of an infeed roller table and an outfeed roller table as well as the appropriate cross tractors. Profiles up to a length of 16.1 m can be transported and processed.

The material is fed through the drilling unit into the saw using a measuring carriage designed as a pusher. Alternatively, a gripper tong, necessary for the scribing process, can be mounted, which is not included in the scope of delivery.

Inlet side cross conveyor chain drag 6 x 4600 mm
Outlet side cross conveyor chain drag 5 x 4600 mm + 1 x without drive
Material feed direction from right to left
Transport system with roller conveyors Height 640 mm
Usable roller width 1050 mm
Workpiece width: max. 1040 mm drilling unit, 1010 mm saw
Workpiece height: max. 410 mm drilling unit, 500 mm saw

Working height: 640 mm

Machine dimensions drilling machine L x W x H 5600 x 2445 x 3530 mm

Machine dimensions saw L x W x H 3610 x 1160 x 2420 mm

Max. Profile length : 16,1 m

More information about this machine model:

KBS 1010 DG
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