Peddinghaus DSC300 A
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Description of Peddinghaus DSC300 A

The used Peddinghaus DSC300 A is a very compact CNC controlled saw-drill line for drilling and sawing steel profiles up to a profile height of 300 mm. 

This space-saving Peddinghaus machine is equipped with a circular saw for 90 degree cuts. The HSS segment saw blades used have a saw blade diameter of 630 mm. Depending on the profile thicknesses to be machined, a saw blade with a different number of saw teeth per segment is selected. The most commonly used segment saw blades are the version with Z5. (This means there are 5 saw teeth per segment).

A roller measuring device ensures the length measurement of the workpieces or the profile positioning. This roller measuring system, developed by Peddinghaus decades ago, has proven itself to be fast and reliable.

Against the circular saw, the 3 drilling spindles are arranged and suitable for the use of the Nenok HSS coolant channel drills with a diameter of 8 mm to 27 mm.
This small drilling saw system is particularly suitable for entry-level CNC production in steel construction, plant engineering or metal construction to economically process small steel profiles. This small machine is also recommended as a second machine to relieve a large saw-drill line. 

The DSC300 A rationalises light steel construction, agricultural machinery and vehicle manufacturing, container construction, conveyor system construction and many manufacturing areas. In mechanical engineering companies, it is used in prefabrication for the production of machine frames.

It is also used in the production of machine frames.

It is also economical for all companies outside direct steel construction that work with sectional steel and rectangular tubes.

Design features of the DSC 300: 

The base frame consists of a stable plate construction; one vertical drilling unit with one drilling spindle; two horizontal drilling units, each with one drilling spindle; all drilling units operate with a continuously adjustable hydraulic drill feed, with automatic drilling, the drilling spindles are equipped with an internal coolant supply; automatic hold-downs in the infeed and outfeed; horizontal clamping cylinders; zero point control; vertically operating cold circular saw with infinitely variable hydraulic feed; air cooling in conjunction with the cooling lubricant nencool DS10 ensures optimum cooling of the circular saw blade and thus a longer service life of the saw blade; a 4-axis CNC control from Siemens in conjunction with a PC programming station and the appropriate software ensures programming and control of the plant. This makes the system suitable for programming directly at the machine as well as from the office. However, an office workstation must be installed by the customer and connected to the machine programming station.
The vertically operating cold circular saw is precisely guided; it is designed for a saw blade diameter of 630 mm; shorter sawing times and high saw blade service lives are achieved through the air cooling for the saw blade.

Length measuring system

The length measuring system has two movable measuring discs that work wear-free due to their hardened and ground running surfaces. The measuring discs operate independently of the feed and thus only measure the actual beam movement.

Programming software

The software offers operator guidance with extensive auxiliary functions: configurable system and machine data. User files for profiles, tools and hole patterns. Simple and safe description of workpieces; optional graphical or numerical display of workpieces. Clear management of workpieces with many supporting functions: Saving, copying, deleting, transferring and also a sequence optimisation and conversion to machine language.

Machining sizes

The material length is freely selectable and limited by the length of the roller table. With a roller table extension, longer profiles can also be machined at a later stage at any time by using the roller measuring feed.

Flat material: from min. 50 x 10 mm to  max. 300 x 50 mm
Angle steel sections: from min. 50 mm to  max. 200 mm 
Double T beams (IPE etc.) and U-profiles from min. 100 mm to max. 300 mm

A roller conveyor for material transport in the infeed and outfeed area is available as an option 

Due to the high availability of spare parts at Nenok and Peddinghaus from Gevelsberg, the machine can also be reliably used as a second-hand machine. 

  • : 300 mm
  • : mm
  • : 8 - 27 mm
  • : 25 kW
  • : 3,3 t
  • : 2,3 x 2,5 x 1,4 m
  • : max. 3 t
  • : 3 Stk.
  • : 25 - 300 mm / min
  • : 630 mm
  • : 6 mm
  • : 32 m/min
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