Peddinghaus FDB 600
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Description of Peddinghaus FDB 600

Used Peddinghaus FDB 600

Used Peddinghaus FDB 600 flame cutting and drilling machine at special conditions. Take the opportunity to buy this short term available plate processing center at a good price.

We have professionally dismantled this Peddinghaus FDB 600 after a test run at our customer with our technicians. So far the machine has not been overhauled and is therefore available at a special price.

The Peddinghaus FDB 600 from the Peddimat product range is suitable for cost-effective drilling and flame cutting of sheet metal, steel plates and flat steel.

Peddinghaus FDB 600 machining sizes

The following sheet metal processing sizes are possible with this flame cutting and drilling system:
Material width from 80 mm to 600 mm, material thickness from 6 mm - 50 mm and material lengths in standard up to 6000 mm (also longer flat steels can be processed by the roller feed system depending on the material weight. In this case, however, consultation is necessary).

The drilling unit with 3 drilling spindles is designed for the use of HSS inner coolant channel drills (Nenok HHS inner coolant channel drills with flat grinding and the coolant Nencool are particularly suitable) in the diameter range from ø 8 mm to max. ø 40 mm. Depending on which drill diameter is selected, one of the drill spindles is used. Each drilling spindle operates at a different speed.
The flame cutting unit is designed for oxyfuel flame cutting. Acetylene is currently used as the gas type. A change of the gas type is possible at extra cost.
On the infeed side, this drilling torch unit is equipped with a stable inclined roller table of 2 x 3000 mm length. On the outfeed side there is a 1000 mm long outlet roller table with a narrower roller pitch. A fan in the machine frame provides exhaust of the oxyfuel torch gases.
A filter system is not part of the offer, but can be purchased separately.

A Siemens CNC control in connection with an operator software provides for the control of the plant. The transfer of CAD data in DSTV or DXF format is possible.  

Peddinghaus FDB 600 assembly

The assembly of the Peddinghaus FDB 600 machine as well as the corresponding operator training and the later machine service with the spare parts supply can be carried out by the manufacturer Peddinghaus or the service and spare parts department of the company Nenok on request.

All consumables necessary for the operation of the FDB 600, such as torch nozzles, HSS cooling channel drills and the appropriate cooling lubricant, can be obtained at a reasonable price from the tool area of the Nenok company.

  • : 3 Stk.
  • : 45 mm
  • : Autogen
  • : 5 t
  • : 600 x 50 x 6000 mm
  • : 80 x 6 mm
  • : 2400 x 2000 x 2600 mm
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