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Description of Produtech

PRODUTECH Coil sheet metal punching line

The Produtech sheet metal processing cell consists of the following integrated machines:

Coil loading table for the preparation of 3 coils

Coil decoiler

Loading rocker

sheet infeed for coil with max. 10 tons

Straightening machine with eletrically adjustable straightening rolls

Coil punching machine with cross cutting of sheets after punching process

Unloading portal with 2 KUKA robots and sheet metal suction frame

Vimercati guillotine shear for longitudinal cutting

The sheet metal processing cell is equipped with the appropriate control system and software.

The coil sheet metal punching machines of Produtech S.r.l. based in Bergamo, Italy stand out in the sheet metal working market for their innovative developments, high productivity and flexibility. Produtech was founded in 1993 and specializes in coil punching systems which, as in this case, are combined with other machines such as Produtech straightening systems, KUKA robot handling systems and Vimercati shearing systems.

The Produtech coil sheet metal punching machine year of construction 2018 was commissioned in mid 2019. The automated system without coil pit consists of a loading unit, the coil loading table with three coil holders, a coil decoiler as uncoiler from which the sheet is uncoiled. The sheet material is then smoothed and stress-relieved in the straightening machine before being fed into the coil punching shear unit. In this Produtech punching shear unit, holes and shapes are punched into the sheet with the highest precision. Twenty punching tools can be inserted into the unit. The sheets are then cut to length by an integrated shearing unit.  Removal takes place on a conveyor belt. Precise stacking on a pallet space is carried out by 2 KUKA robots with suction frames. If the sheets need to be cut lengthwise, the KUKA robots feed the sheet into a Vimercati shearing unit with a maximum sheet shearing length of 4000 mm. After the shearing process, the robots deposit the remaining pieces in a collecting tray, or the finished sheet metal parts on the pallet. Meanwhile, the next sheet metal part lies on the conveyor belt ready for transfer to the KUKA robot units.

Advantages of a Produtech Coil sheet metal punching line

The advantages of a Produtech Coil sheet metal punching line compared to feeding with sheet metal plates are the more cost-effective procurement of coils, the reduction of sheet metal waste, among other things through optimized nesting. Loading and unloading times are optimized which leads to an increase in production speed. Compared to machines with sheet loading, Produtech Coil machines allow obtaining the same number of workpieces, but with lower costs and in a shorter time.

Coil loading table

with 3 changing units, rotating for 10 tons of coil each

Coil decoiler - Coil reel P.TM + BP.IM 10 to

loading rocker P.CC.I

Sheet inlet P.IL.S.CD

The decoiler P.TM + BP.IM in combination with the loading rocker P.CC.l and with P.ILS is the ideal solution to use sheet coils and to supply the Produtech lines. This unwinder allows operation both by using the hydraulic motor for shaft rotation and by pulling the sheet through the leveler. The combined action of the loading rocker and the pressing arm allows easy, fast and safe loading and unloading of the coils.
Straightening machine type P.UR 10.S4

Designed for straightening sheets up to 4 mm thick, consisting of 4 drag rolls and 8 straightening rolls. The positioning of the straightening rolls is done for the material to be processed using data from the existing CAD database, but can also be set and stored manually. Furthermore, the straightening machine is equipped with a semi-automatic bench changing device .
A second roller bench is part of the machine.

Straightening result with max. tolerance deviation of +/- 2,00mm on the diagonal max. sheet length (4000mm x 1500mm)

With the second set of cassettes of the straightening rolls a changeover is possible within 30 min - cassette exchange for the different materials steel galvanized and aluminum

LANDE series VENTI EL version 1650/12

LANDE automatic sheet metal punching machine with the reception of 20 punching tools.
The Lande automatic sheet metal punching takes the punches and dies in two separate, electronically connected heads. The upper head holds the punches, while the lower one holds the dies.

The tools used on the Lande machine are standardized (high turret of the "AMADA" type).

Max. workable sheet width 1500 mm

Punching force 20 tons

The sheet feed is carried out by means of ground, highly resistant rubber rollers for high precision and speed.
Finally, a cross cut is made to reach the programmed sheet length.
Then the sheet is transported by a conveyor belt to the unloading portal.

P.SaR.2RS unloading gantry

It allows to unload the parts produced by the Produtech lines or to operate the Vimercati guillotine shear for the longitudinal cutting of strips. The unloading gantry uses two suspended KUKA robots. Two vacuum systems (one per robot) enable the generation of the vacuum required for gripping the workpieces. Using appropriate suction cups, the sheet metal is lifted from the lifting points on the KUKA robots and either deposited on the pallet table or placed in the Vimercati guillotine shear for longitudinal cutting. Stacking of blanks on Stopa pallet 4000mm / special pallet size 6000 mm

Vimercati guillotine shear

Completely CNC integrated guillotine shear with freely programmable, adjustable backgauge. The shearing process is fully automatic. After the shearing process, the KUKA robots remove the sheet with the suction lifting frame and place it either in the scrap bin or on the pallet table.  
Max. Sheet thickness 4 mm

Currently integrated into the operator's order preparation system via the existing Trumpf Fab, Trumpf Quick Job, coil line software and PPS or ERP Sys. software.
The plant also has a remote maintenance option.

Parameters for sheet metal processing:

Max. Material thicknesses with coil width 1650 mm
Galvanized steel sheet S320GD 3mm
Aluminum AW5005H24 3 mm

Max. Max. material thickness for coil width 1000 mm
Galvanized steel sheet S320GD 4 mm

The line can be inspected in full function for a small nominal fee at the current operator in Germany.  At this appointment, the details of the software, integration into the company network, etc. can be discussed on site.

Availability: short term

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