Rösler RRB 11/5
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Description of Rösler RRB 11/5

The used Rösler RRB 11/5 blast machine is suitable for blasting of sheets and profiles. This Rösler RRB 11/5 shot blast machine is a specialty for blasting aluminum and steel due to the few operating hours it is in a nearly new condition.

This blasting machine has a combined brush and blow-off device with a brush diameter of 800 mm. The maximum engagement depth of the brush is approx. 250 mm. The machine has an impact separator to return blasting grain that can still be used.
The roller conveyor blast machine has 4 frequency controlled Rösler Hurricane H32 blast turbines (4 blast wheels) with a diameter of 320 mm and a capacity of 7.5 kW per turbine. The discharge speed is up to approx. 80 m/s and the total blast media throughput is up to 640 kg/min. An infeed roller conveyor and an outfeed roller conveyor of 4.5 m each are included, (Further roller conveyors are available from Nenok at an extra charge).
The components to be blasted must weigh at least 30 kg, but no more than 1250 kg per running meter. The part length must be at least 1300 mm.
The Rösler blasting machine is equipped with a wet filter suitable for aluminium.

Another special feature is the possibility of installation without foundation pit directly on the floor plate.

Further details:
- Inlet roller conveyor: 4500 mm length
- Outfeed roller conveyor: 4500 mm length
- Filter system RF 550 NS
- Impact separator
- Inspection platform with ladder
- Bucket conveyor run monitoring
- Workpiece cleaning system
- Reduction of the roller spacing within the pre- and post chamber
- Automatic blasting agent refill 40 l
- Rösler wet separator RF 550 NS
- additional impact separator
- Central switch cabinet with SPS control
- Profibus Interlinking
- Stepless speed control

  • : 1 St
  • : 1000 mm
  • : 500 mm
  • : 4 St.
  • : 7,5 jeweils/each kW
  • : 1300 mm

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