Vernet Behringer HD-S EVO612 + HBP360/704GNC
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Vernet Behringer HD-S EVO612 + HBP360/704GNC

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Vernet Behringer
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Description of Vernet Behringer HD-S EVO612 + HBP360/704GNC

VERNET BEHRINGER HD-S EVO 612 beam drilling and milling machine
Behringer HBP360/704 miter band saw

VERNET BEHRINGER HD-S EVO 612 drilling-milling line in combination with Behringer HBP360/704 bandsaw for the processing of sectional steel.

This modern drilling-, milling- and sawing line is a CNC controlled line combination consisting of a Behringer HBP miter band saw yoc. 1999 and a Vernet Behringer HD-S EVO612 marking- drilling- milling line yoc. 2018. This line is best suited for the automatic steel processing of profile beams in steel construction and steel trading companies. Vernet Behringer is one of the world market leaders for steel processing machinery and economical machining of sectional steel, angle steel, U-sections, T-sections and rectangular tubes.

Vernet Behringer HD-S EVO 612 Marking- Drilling- Milling Line

The HD-S EVO is a powerful 3-axis drilling machine with additional X-travel axis with 150 mm travel. The Vernet Behringer HD-S 612 3-axis drilling machine is suitable for drilling, countersinking, threading, marking and milling of sectional steel. In order to take advantage of the high performance of the machine, carbide drills, indexable carbide drills and HSS drilling tools are used depending on the application. An additional X-axis with stable workpiece clamping and a traverse path of 150 mm ensures the possibility of milling with clamped components. This enables the milling of notches and slotted holes.

Behringer HBP360/704 band saw

The horizontal bandsaw is equipped with a miter adjustment on both sides and a stable column guide for the saw frame. The control of the band saw year of manufacture 1999 was integrated into the central CNC control of the drilling line when the lines were combined in 2018.

Material measurement and material transport

Material positioning is carried out with a clamp measuring carriage that travels along the infeed roller conveyor. The profile steel is positioned with the measuring carriage at the point to be processed in the plant.  In the infeed area as well as in the outfeed area, the material is transported onto the roller conveyor by cross tractors as a chain drag system.

Tool changer

To ensure a fast tool change, an automatic tool changer is used on each drilling-milling axis. Each changing station has 4 tool places.

3 sides engraving scribe marking

On all three drilling axes, it is possible to quickly and adequately sign the workpieces with position numbers, letters or position markings using the scribing process. Depending on the selected depth setting, these markings are scribed to different depths in the profile and are still legible after blasting.

CNC control and software

This profile machining center is equipped with a modern CNC control and software which controls both the drilling unit and the saw. To machine a profile beam, the NC machining data is programmed into the system control by the machine operator or transferred to the control from an office computer. The manufacturing data created from a CAD system in DXTV format is converted into machine data in the Vernet-Behringer CNC control so that all traversing axes are automatically positioned with pinpoint accuracy. The 15" flat screen on the CNC control provides the machine operator with all kinds of assistance for simple handling of the system.

Usable cross section: 600 x 300 mm

Working areas for the HD-S EVO 612

  • angle profiles in mm: 50 x 50 x 5 to 250 x 250 x 25
  • IPN-IPE in mm: 50 to 600
  • HEA-HEB-HEM in mm: 100 to 600
  • UPN-UPE in mm: 80 to 400
  • Square and rectangular pipes in mm: 50 x 50 to 300 x 300
  • Flat sections (welding of a collet holder) in mm: 50 x 10 to 400 x 30

(Material deflections or vibrations can occur depending on machining conditions and material dimensions)

On beams with a width < 80 mm and a length of at least 3500 mm, a part must be welded on for gripping with the collet (otherwise a waste piece of approx. half the vice length will result.

VERNET BEHRINGER HD-S EVO 612 Performance data

  •     Power of drilling spindles per axis 11 kW (in S6-40% operation, according to IEC60034-1)
  •     Drill spindle speed: 160 to 4000 rpm
  •     Drill diameter: 8 to 35 mm with HSS inner coolant drills, 8 to 26mm with carbide drills
  •     roller conveyor height 830 mm
  •     Clamping system on X-axis with additional travel of 150 mm for milling function and scribe marking
  •     3-sided engraving via scribe marking (V-scoring), incl. scribe marking chuck
  •     Milling function on all 3 drilling axes
  •     Lateral coolant supply and internal minimum quantity lubrication (Toolmat)
  •     Tool changer with 4 positions on each of the 3 drilling axes
  •     Clamping units with adjustable clamping force for thin cross sections
  •     Overhaul of the Behringer HBP band saw in 2018
  •     discharge roller conveyor 15 m of the Behringer band saw year of construction 1999
  •     2018 new control cabinet and control panel for the equipment combination with the Behringer Bandsaw
  •     software package with remote maintenance option and 1 x PRONC230 office license
  •     safety devices with light barriers
  •     Electrical connection 400 V, 50 Hz, 44 kW

Behringer transport system:

    Infeed roller conveyor 16.500 mm
    5 x cross tractor chain towing system, length 4 m
    1 x support, identical with cross tractor, without drive
    Outfeed roller conveyor 15.000 mm
    5 x cross tractor chain towing system, length 4 m

Due to the modern CNC control, remote maintenance of the CNC system by the service department of Vernet Behringer is possible. Disassembly, assembly and operator training can be carried out by Nenok technicians with the assistance of Vernet Behringer technicians.

  • : 600 mm
  • : 300 mm
  • : 3 Stck.
  • : 35 mm
  • : 55 kVA
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