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Carif Sawing Machines S.r.l.
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Carif - a manufacturer with Italian roots

Carif Sawing Machines S.r.l. is an internationally active family company from Italy with outstanding know-how from more than 70 years of mechanical engineering.

Carif was founded in 1948 by Cesare Canna near Milan in the economically up-and-coming and scenic Lombardy region. Precisely because of the beautiful landscape and the proximity to the pulsating metropolis of Milan, many high-tech (or world-famous) industries have settled in this region of northern Italy, which have managed to gain an international reputation and corresponding recognition. Reliability, diligence and creativity are the basis for a successful future among the people of this region. Around 1960, the first Carif bandsaw machines were manufactured as semi-automatic bandsaws and fully automatic bandsaws. With the growing popularity of the horizontal bandsaws, there was also continuous investment in higher efficiency of the company's own production and construction. Carif employees are particularly proud of the high level of vertical integration, which ensures the lasting reliable quality of the sawing machines and machine accessories.
Thanks to the close international connections and country representatives, service and spare parts procurement are guaranteed for both new machines and older machines.

Carif Horizontal Bandsaw with Miter Adjustment

In order to be able to support our customers in the metalworking industry with new or very young bandsaw machines, we have decided to also offer new reliable Carif bandsaw machines or demonstration machines. The bandsaws are designed for industrial use and are nevertheless characterized by easy handling. Due to the miter adjustment on both sides, the Carif bandsaw is especially popular as a small all-round machine in metal and steel construction. In addition, Carif offers an extensive range of accessories (such as roller tables, transport systems, length measurement, etc.), some of which can also be viewed on site at Nenok. The necessary tools (such as bandsaw blades, cooling lubricants, etc.) are of course also available.

The range of Carif band saws includes both semi-automatic and fully automatic band saws, all of which are manufactured with a high degree of vertical integration at the company's home plant in northern Italy. All band saws have a patented hydraulic feed and are characterized by uncomplicated operation and consistently high sawing quality.

Carif semi-automatic band saws

Carif semi-automatic bandsaws include the following machine types:

  • Carif 260 BSA
  • Carif 320 BSA
  • Carif 320 BSA VAR-E
  • Carif 450 BSA
  • Carif 450 BSA VAR-E

Fully automatic Carif band saws

Carif fully automatic band saws include the following types of machines:

  • Carif 320 BA CNC
  • Carif 320 BA CNC Touch
  • Carif 450 BA CNC
  • Carif 450 BA CNC Touch

For the three machine types CARIF 260, CARIF 320 and CARIF 450 the numerical values stand for the maximum saw cut width in mm. The series Carif BSA contains the semi-automatic band saws, while the series Carif BA describes the fully automatic band saws. Below you will find information and technical data related to the Carif horizontal bandsaws and the available accessories.

Carif horizontal bandsaws as metal bandsaws with miter adjustment for industry

Showroom with Carif horizontal bandsaws at Nenok in Cologne, Germany

At the beginning of 2021, the new band saw showroom was opened at Nenok in Cologne. There we continuously present various new Carif bandsaw models with miter adjustment as semi-automatic machines. We want to make your band saw selection as easy as possible, so a visit to our showroom and our used machine warehouse is always an interesting and rewarding opportunity.
Arrange a demonstration appointment and visit us very close to the Cologne fair.

Machines and models from Carif

Carif BSA semi-automatic band saws

The band saws from Carif are designed for industrial use and yet are characterized by easy handling. Due to the miter adjustment on both sides, the Carif band saw is particularly popular as a small all-round machine in metal and steel construction. In addition, Carif offers an extensive range of…

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