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Carif band saw as horizontal band saw with miter adjustment.

Below you will find information and technical data about Carif bandsaws and available accessories.

Procurement and marketing of high-quality machines for steel construction, steel trade, metal construction, machine and plant engineering - this is our core business. In order to be able to support our customers from the metalworking industry with new or very young bandsaw machines we have decided to also offer new reliable Carif bandsaw machines or demonstration machines.

Carif bandsaw machines for industry

Carif Sawing Machines S.r.l. is an internationally active family company with excellent know-how from more than 70 years of mechanical engineering.

Carif was founded in 1948 by Cesare Canna near Milan in the economically prosperous and scenic Lombardy region. Precisely because of the beautiful landscape and the proximity to the pulsating metropolis of Milan, many high-tech (or world-famous) industries have settled in this region of northern Italy, which have managed to gain an international reputation and corresponding recognition. Reliability, diligence and creativity are the basis for a successful future among the people of this region. Around 1960, the first Carif bandsaw machines were manufactured as semi-automatic bandsaws and fully automatic bandsaws. With the growing popularity of the horizontal bandsaws, there was also continuous investment in higher efficiency of the company's own production and construction. Carif employees are particularly proud of the high level of vertical integration, which ensures the lasting reliable quality of the sawing machines and machine accessories. Thanks to the close international connections and country representatives, service and spare parts supply are guaranteed for both new machines and older machines.

Carif Sawing Machines S.r.l.

Via Tre salti, 1 , 20029 Turbigo MI, Italy Tel.: +39 0331-899015 www.carif.it

The CARIF bandsaw is a robust, reliable and inexpensive all-round saw with miter adjustment.

For the three machine variants CARIF 260 BSA, CARIF 320 BSA and CARIF 450 BSA, the numerical values stand for the maximum saw cut width in mm.

The Carif bandsaws are equipped with the following basic equipment:

  • Small size, therefore suitable for any workshop.
  • A large practical support surface for the workpieces to be sawn
  • Two saw band speeds in the basic equipment
  • Miter adjustment by means of a high-quality plain bearing from - 45° to +60
  • Chip container for easy cleaning and disposal of chips
  • Robust welded construction of the machine body with a special surface treatment for long durability
  • Cooling lubricant system for optimal cooling of the saw blade during sawing (50 l capacity)
  • Semi-automatic with patented hydraulic feed for setting the optimal saw cut. This achieves a high cutting performance with a long saw band life.
  • Clean and reliable delivery
  • Easy and individual adjustability of the control panel.
  • Control panel for cutting programs and easy visualization of all parameters.
  • Original equipment with a high-performance X-ray saw band
  • Extensive additional options are available at low cost for all three saw variants 260 BSA, 320 BSA and 450 BSA

Carif 260 BSA band saw

Semi-automatic horizontal bandsaw with hydraulic feed and manual miter adjustment -45° to +60°, saw band dimension 2,450 x 27 x 0.9 mm.

cutting ranges:

  • round material at 90° cut = Ø 220 mm, at -45° = Ø 130 mm, at +45° = Ø 150 mm, at +60° = Ø 90 mm
  • square material at 90° cut = 220/205 mm, at -45° = 100 mm, at +45° = 150 mm, at +60° = 60 mm
  • rectangular material at 90° cut = 260 x 150 mm, at -45° = 120 x 100 mm, at +45° = 150 x 150 mm, at +60° = 90 x 60 mm

Carif 320 BSA band saw

Semi-automatic horizontal bandsaw with hydraulic feed and manual miter adjustment -45° to +60°, saw band dimension 3,025 x 27 x 0.9 mm.

Cutting ranges:

  • round material at 90° cut = Ø 275 mm, at -45° = Ø 190 mm, at +45° = Ø 200 mm, at +60° = Ø 130 mm
  • square material at 90° cut = 265/250 mm, at -45° = 160 mm, at +45° = 185 mm, at +60° = 130 mm
  • rectangular material at 90° cut = 320 x h 220 mm, at -45° = 200 x h 100 mm, at +45° = 185 x h 220 mm, at +60° = 120 x h 140 mm

Carif 450 BSA band saw

Semi-automatic horizontal bandsaw with hydraulic feed and manual miter adjustment -45° to +60°, saw band dimension 3,660 x 34 x 1.1 mm.

Cutting ranges:

  • round material at 90° cut = Ø 330 mm, at -45° = Ø 260 mm, at +45° = Ø 280 mm, at +60° = Ø 170 mm
  • square material at 90° cut = 320/280 mm, at -45° = 220 mm, at +45° = 250 mm, at +60° = 150 mm
  • rectangular material at 90° cut = 450 x h 240 mm, at -45° = 310 x h 100 mm, at +45° = 270 x h 240 mm, at +60° = 170 x h 125 mm

Carif band saws in fully automatic version BA CNC series.

Carif band saws are also available as fully automatic metal saws with a CNC control and the necessary protection. The following models are available: Carif 320 BA CNC and Carif 450 BA CNC.

Due to new model variants and innovations, please note that the technical specifications for the Carif band saws and accessories may change. Therefore we do not take over guarantee for the correctness and completeness of our data. We reserve the right of prior sale at any time.

Carif bandsaws with miter adjustment

Three Carif bandsaws at Nenok in Cologne

In April 2021 the new band saw showroom was opened at Nenok in Cologne Kalk. There we present three different Carif bandsaw models with miter adjustment as semi-automatic machines. We want to make your band saw selection as easy as possible, so a visit to our showroom and our used machine stock is always an interesting and rewarding opportunity. Currently we have a Carif 260 BSA, a Carif 320 BSA and a Carif 450 BSA on display with various equipment options. Make a demonstration appointment and visit us very close to the Cologne fair.

Purchase of your Carif band saw

Do you own a Carif band saw that is not more than 10 years old and fully functional? Do you want to sell this band saw? Then Nenok is your right contact for the purchase. Send us some meaningful photos, a copy of the old order confirmation and tell us your price expectations for a possible purchase.

Carif - ein Hersteller mit italienischen Wurzeln

Carif Sawing Machines S.r.l. ist ein international tätiges Familienunternehmen aus Italien mit hervorragendem Know-how aus mehr als 70 Jahren Maschinenbau.

Die Firma Carif wurde im Jahre 1948 von Cesare Canna in der Nähe von Mailand in der wirtschaftlich aufstrebenden und landschaftlich reizvollen Lombardei gegründet. Gerade wegen der schönen Landschaft und der Nähe zur pulsierenden Metropole Mailand haben sich in dieser Region Norditaliens viele Hightech (oder weltbekannte) Industrien angesiedelt, die es geschafft haben, sich einen internationalen Ruf und entsprechende Anerkennung zu erarbeiten. Zuverlässigkeit, Fleiß und Kreativität sind bei den Menschen dieser Region die Basis für eine erfolgreiche Zukunft. Um das Jahr 1960 wurden die ersten Carif Bandsägemaschinen als halb-automatische Bandsäge und als Bandsäge-Vollautomat hergestellt. Mit der wachsenden Bekanntheit der Horizontal Bandsägen wurde auch kontinuierlich in eine höhere Leistungsfähigkeit der eigenen Fertigung und der Konstruktion investiert. Besonders stolz sind die Carif Mitarbeiter auf die hohe Fertigungstiefe, die für eine dauerhafte zuverlässige Qualität der Sägemaschinen und des Maschinenzubehörs sorgen.
Dank der engen internationalen Verbindungen und Ländervertretungen sind der Service und die Ersatzteilbeschaffung sowohl für die Neumaschinen als auch für ältere Maschinen gewährleistet.

Carif Sawing Machines S.r.l.

Via Tre salti, 1 ,
20029 Turbigo MI, Italien
Tel.: +39 0331-899015


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