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Here you can learn everything you need to know about the drill lines series Endeavour from Ficep. In addition to available used machines, we present detailed information on all models, explain the operation, differences, advantages, disadvantages and point out comparable machines to help you decide in the buying process.

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Ficep Endeavour 1203DD + Katana K126L

Saw-drill line combination consisting of a Ficep Katana K126L band saw and a Ficep Endeavour 1203 DD drill line linked to a transport system and a CNC control. The system is designed for fully automatic operation. The bandsaw and the drilling machine have their own CNC control and control panels but are linked to each other. The Endeavour 1203…

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Model series Endeavour from Ficep

The Endeavour drilling system is a CNC-controlled and powerful profile beam drilling machine with three powerful 31 kW drilling units and a separate additional axis. This additional axis enables simultaneous drilling, countersinking, tapping and marking independent of the profile position. Thanks to the very high drive power and high spindle speeds, it is also possible to mill slotted holes and notches in addition to using carbide drills. In addition, the Endeavour drilling machine can be equipped with automatic tool changers, material conveyors for remnant removal, a marking unit and the option of scribing for markings. The Endeavour can be used purely as a drilling machine or in combination with a horizontal Ficep Katana band saw. The material is transported and measured in the X-axis by a gripper measuring carriage (also known as a pincher). The Endeavour drilling machine series is also available with a roller measuring feed system in conjunction with an additional laser measuring system. Optionally, the Endeavour drilling rig can also be used in combination with a notching robot.

model overview

Ficep Endeavour 1203DD

The Endeavour 1203 DD drilling system has 3 drilling axes, each with a 6-fold tool changer. The high drive power of 31 kW per drill drive and the infinitely variable speed range of 180 - 5000 rpm enable the economical use of drilling tools such as HSS coolant channel drills, solid carbide drills and carbide drills with carbide inserts or exchangeable inserts.
The maximum drilling diameter is 40 mm.
The tool holder is HSK 80 and the connection is W32.
In addition to drilling, the following machining operations are possible: tapping (M 14 - M 33), center punching, countersinking, scribing and milling.
The milling function (pocket or hole milling) as well as scribing is carried out with the component clamped via 250 mm displacement over the x-axis. This displacement also has the advantage that holes can be drilled very precisely and quickly in this area when the component is clamped.
There is no need for time-consuming unclamping, moving and re-clamping of the profile and approaching the drill.
Automatic tool measurement is also available when using HSS cooling channel drills. This is necessary due to the change in length when regrinding the HSS cooling channel drills.
The machine uses a gripper system for length measurement.
The weight of the drilling rig is approx. 13,000 kg

Max. Material dimensions W x H : 1220 mm x 610 mm
Min. material dimensions W x H : 80 mm x 10 mm

Ficep Endeavour 1103 DEB

Ficep Endeavour DDB603

Ficep Endeavour DDVB 453

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