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Ficep Excalibur 1201DE

Ficep 1201 DE Excalibur drilling machine for flat steel and profile processing with longitudinally movable drilling unit.The drilling machine has a CNC-controlled drilling unit that moves in the longitudinal direction, X-axis, adjustment 0 - 15,000 mm, an automatic tool changing system with HSK A80 holder for 6 tool positions.The 19 kW drill…

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Model series Excalibur from Ficep

The Excalibur drilling machine is a CNC-controlled Ficep single-spindle drilling machine.
This cost-effective and space-saving drilling machine is an entry-level machine for smaller steel construction, metal construction and plant engineering. The Excalibur drilling machine moves along the longitudinal axis (X-axis) of the workpiece to be drilled on a stable support frame. The exact position of the drilling axis is recorded via a rack and the integrated measuring system. This guide and support frame is usually 12 m to 18 m long and also serves as a material support. The processing of sectional steel beams, angle steel, square tubes and flat steel is surprisingly fast. Depending on the choice of basic equipment, the Excalibur CNC drilling machine is designed for drilling, countersinking, tapping, center punching, marking and notching with a milling cutter tool. Further options are available, such as an additional drilling axis for milling, an automatic tool changer and extensive software extensions for the scribing tool (marking tool) for position marking.

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Ficep Excalibur 601 DE

The compact Ficep Excalibur single-spindle drilling machine is designed for profile steel from profile sizes of 50 mm to max. 610 mm. A drill head with a drill spindle power of 7.5 kW and a maximum spindle speed of 1500 rpm is suitable for use with HSS coolant channel drills and carbide drills. The Excalibur drilling cabin with the drilling unit moves along the component to be drilled (sectional steel beam), which is mounted on the mounting frame.

Machines already sold
Ficep 601 DE Excalibur [0201-220033]

Ficep Excalibur 1201 DE

Ficep Excalibur CNC drilling machine with traveling column and a drilling spindle.

With the Excalibur drilling machine series, the components to be drilled remain in position on the support frame and the drilling cabin moves along the components. This machine concept makes the Excalibur drilling machines an economically viable, versatile and productive solution for small and medium-sized companies.

The Excalibur single-spindle drilling machine is designed for the economical processing of steel profiles from 50 mm to max. 1200 mm. A high-performance drill head with a drill spindle power of 19 kW and a maximum spindle speed of 5000 rpm is suitable for the use of powerful carbide drills and carbide milling cutters. You can purchase these high-performance tools from Nenok at a reasonable price. The maximum drilling diameter is 40 mm. An automatic 6-position tool changer and the optional additional CNC axis in the drilling unit enable contour milling. This compact drilling machine achieves a surprisingly high level of productivity. The Excalibur drilling cabin with the drilling unit moves longitudinally along the component to be drilled (sectional steel beam) which is mounted on the clamping frame.
Machining tasks such as drilling, scribing, milling, thread cutting and the creation of countersinks are possible when using the appropriate software and tools.
Profile shapes such as H-beams, angle steel, flat steel, UPN iron, square tubes and rectangular tubes can be processed economically on this machine.

Please note the changing performance characteristics in different model years due to innovations. We therefore assume no liability or guarantee for the topicality, correctness and completeness of the information and technical data provided on this website.
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