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Here you can learn everything you need to know about the notching and thermal cutting plants series KC from Kaltenbach. In addition to available used machines, we present detailed information on all models, explain the operation, differences, advantages, disadvantages and point out comparable machines to help you decide in the buying process.

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Model series KC from Kaltenbach

The Kaltenbach KC notching robot system consists of a stable machine gantry with a Kuka robot flange-mounted to the cross beam. The proven Kuka robot with its movement axes ensures that all notching positions can be reached. Eight movement axes ensure the exact notching position of the profile beams, angle steel or square tubes. Six movement axes are covered by the compact Kuka robot. The axis mounted on the cross beam ensures the positioning of the robot in the transverse axis. The movement of the workpieces in the X-axis (longitudinal axis) is carried out by a solid sliding measuring carriage, which is guided along a rack on the roller conveyor on the infeed side. In conjunction with the driven roller conveyor, this allows even heavy profile beams to be moved and notched economically. A hydraulic clamping system ensures that the workpieces are held in place during the thermal cutting process. Depending on the machine type, the KC robot is optionally equipped with an oxy-fuel cutting unit and/or a plasma cutting unit. Notching with a plasma cutting unit from Hypertherm or Kjellberg is faster than oxyfuel cutting technology, but requires perfect extraction of the combustion gases and fine dust produced.

Good operator skills are required to program the Kaltenbach KC robot. The CAD data provided by the customer or the design department is transferred in DSTV format to the system's CUT Manager via the DSTV interface. This can be done with an online connection or via a data carrier. This produces a 3D representation of the components. Moses" software then generates the necessary robot data from the DSTV data. The "Moses" software from AUTOCAM Informationstechnik GmbH is an automatic CAD and CAM link to the Kaltenbach KC robot control system for notching in plasma and oxyfuel cutting processes. For new workpieces, the collision check and verification of the robot axis positioning are carried out first. This is followed by thermal notching and subsequent removal of the finished components by roller conveyor on the outfeed side.

model overview

Kaltenbach KC 1200

The notching robot Kaltenbach KC 1200 is equipped for oxy-fuel cutting of sectional steel. The working area is (width x height) 1,200 x 450 mm and in length 1,000 mm, the bevel angle is +/- 45°, 7 positioning axes, weight 3,500 kg, working height 640 mm

Kaltenbach KC 1201

The notching robot Kaltenbach KC 1201 is optionally equipped for oxyfuel cutting and plasma cutting. The working area is (width x height) 1,200 x 450 mm, the bevel angle is +/- 45°, 7 positioning axes plus the 8th axis for material positioning Weight 5,900 kg, working height 640 mm

Kaltenbach KC 1221

This notching robot enables efficient processing of structural steel on all sides by allowing precise marking and cutting on four sides. With its robust construction and precise 6-axis movement, it offers high reliability and precision.

An integrated 3D scanner system precisely captures the material geometry, enabling accurate machining. PerfectHole technology and arc shape compensation ensure optimum hole and edge quality regardless of material thickness and condition.

Thanks to precise cuts and markings, manual welding post-processing is reduced to a minimum. Silent Cut technology ensures low-noise operation, making the working environment more pleasant.

This notching robot offers a high degree of flexibility in part design and enables the production of welded and drilled connections, which expands the production options.

Please note the changing performance characteristics in different model years due to innovations. We therefore assume no liability or guarantee for the topicality, correctness and completeness of the information and technical data provided on this website.
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