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Information about the manufacturer MEBA

The MEBA company is a specialist for metal band saws and has specialized exclusively in sawing technology since 1958. The medium-sized German mechanical engineering company started its operations in Esslingen and expanded a short time later in nearby Westerheim on the Swabian Alb.

The owner-managed mechanical engineering company offers an extensive range of sawing machines and accessories related to sawing. Steel processors will find a wide range of products, from semi-automatic band saws to fully automatic band saws with automated material transport.


MEBA automatic straight cutting machines 90

  • Meba pro 260 AP

The Mebapro 260 automatic straight-cutting machine offers a lot of performance in a small space. The working range is 140 - 260mm for round material and 140 x 200 - 300 x 260mm for rectangular material.

  • Meba eco

The Mebaeco offers individuality as standard. The cutting ranges are 335 - 510mm for round material and 500 x 335 - 700 x 500mm for square material.

  • Meba e-cut

The Meba e-cut range stands out for its performance, cleanliness and consistency. The cutting ranges in round material are 400 - 600mm, in square material between 500x400 to 600x600mm.

  • Meba mat

The Mebamat has power and endurance combined with precision. The cutting range for round material is maximum 430mm and for square material maximum 430x430mm.

  • Meba xtreme

The Mebaxtreme automatic straight-cutting machine delivers on high performance. The working range for round material is 510 - 1000mm, and for square material 850 x 510 to 1250 x 1000mm.

Series overview miter saws semi- and fully-automatic, 30° / 45° / 90°

  • Meba swing

The Meba swing is a universal helper. The cutting range for round material is maximum 110 - 410 mm; for square material we have a working range from 120 x 80 to 620 x 410 mm.

  • Meba pro 260 GP

The Mebapro260 GP offers high-tech in a small space. The working range is between 140 mm and 260 mm for round material, and between 140 x 200 and 300 x 260mm for rectangular material.

  • Meba eco

The miter saw Mebaeco has a SChnittbereich of 180 - 510 mm in round material and from 170x335 to 700x500mm in square material.

  • Meba steel

The Mebasteel has been specially designed for steel construction. The cutting range in round material is 450 - 620mm and in square material from 450x430 to 1250x600mm.

  • Meba top

The Mebatop is suitable for large steel construction. The cutting ranges are between 500 - 600mm for round material and between 500 x 510 to 1270 x 600mm for square material.

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