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Key figures of Peddinghaus

Peddinghaus Corporation
Subs. company
Paul Ferd. Peddinghaus GmbH
Location in DE
Gevelsberg, Deutschland

Peddinghaus is an internationally active machine and plant manufacturer specializing in products in the field of steel processing. Peddinghaus machines are mainly used for cutting and processing sectional steel, flat steel and sheet metal in steel construction, steel trading and plant engineering. Thanks to its international production facilities, service and sales offices, spare parts and service are also available for machines that have been in use for some time.

History and origin of Peddinghaus

The history of Peddinghaus dates back to 1903, when the company was founded by Paul Ferdinand Peddinghaus. While Peddinghaus made a name for itself in the early years by manufacturing high-quality vises, the focus thereafter was on billet shears, sectional steel shears, hole punching and later CNC-controlled saws and drilling equipment for steel construction. Peddinghaus established itself as a renowned player in the field of CNC-controlled steel construction machinery. In the late nineties, Peddinghaus became a subsidiary of the Peddinghaus Corporation from the USA, where the headquarters of the Peddinghaus Group is still located today. The Peddinghaus branch in Germany is still located in Gevelsberg.

Machines and models from Peddinghaus

Peddinghaus FDB drill and thermal cutting lines

The Peddinghaus FDB thermal cutting and drilling lines from the Peddimat product range are suitable for cost-effective drilling and thermal cutting of sheet metal, steel plates and flat steel.

Even though many Peddinghaus FDB lines are partly getting on in years, the machines of the FDB series from…

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Peddinghaus DSC saw-drill rigs

The Peddinghaus DSC saw-drill lines are suitable for CNC controlled drilling of profile steel with roller measuring device for length measurement or profile positioning.

With the 3 drilling axes, each with its own drilling spindle, the Peddinghaus DSC saw-drill line is suitable for use with an HSS…

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Peddinghaus ABCM notching and thermal cutting plants

The Peddinghaus ABCM 1250 is a CNC controlled thermal cutting and coping machine with 3 oxyfuel burning units for simultaneous notching of profiles and square tubes in steel construction.

With 3 autogenous burning units, the profile beam flanges and the profile beam web can be cut out economically…

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Peddinghaus BDL drill lines

The Peddinghaus BDL series includes very stable profile drilling rigs designed for tough use in heavy steel construction. The well-known roller measuring system together with a stable material clamping ensures the fast material transport of the different steel profiles to the exact processing point…

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