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Petry automatic turning machines

The Petry automatic turning machines are suitable for the safe turning and rotating of heavy components such as welded sectional steel beams in steel construction. The original manufacturer of the automatic turner is Stahlbau Petry GmbH from Hunsrück.

The company Stahlbau Petry GmbH was founded in 1932 by Ernst Petry and over time became a national and international name for high performance in steel construction.

In 2003 there was a change in the shareholder structure. The previous Petry Stahlbau GmbH was taken over by Alfons and Evelyn Günnewig and the previous co-partners Hans-Jürgen Stemann and Uwe Petry and reorganized as Stahlbau Petry GmbH.

This set the course for the economic upswing. The workload of the professional team increased continuously and formed the basis for the company's success. Stahlbau Petry GmbH soon became a reliable partner for architects and builders in steel construction, not only in Germany but also beyond.

In addition to the range of services steel construction halls and special structures made of steel, the innovative development of the Petry Wendomat has established itself as an independent brand on the market.

The Petry Wendomat enables the safe turning of even the heaviest construction parts and enables welding work at an ergonomically correct height.

The Wendomat welding turning device requires only a few seconds to bring heavy and unwieldy steel components into the ergonomically optimal position, which is an important contribution to occupational safety. Another advantage is that the overhead crane is available for other operations during the entire welding process. Even very large construction parts with a unit weight of 50 kN and a cross-section of 900 x 1000 mm can be easily and safely brought into the desired position. In this welding turning device, the stable turning belt consists of a steel mesh which is provided with a plastic coating to protect the workpieces.

The diverse range of welding turning devices is also supplemented by Stahlbau Petry GmbH with special sizes.

Stahlbau Petry GmbH

Hauptstr. 100
56288 Alterkülz, Germany

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