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Information about the manufacturer Vernet Behringer

Vernet Behringer, with its headquarters in Dijon Cedex in France, is one of the leading internationally active machine and plant manufacturers from the steel processing sector. Vernet-Behringer is a company of the Behringer Group.

Thanks to the affiliation to the P4S (= Partner for Steel) Group with Behringer, Eisele and Rösler, one is one of the complete suppliers for the entire product range, which is used in the steel trade and steel construction. Due to the particularly close relationship with Behringer from Kirchardt, the integration of the high-performance band saw from Behringer into the drilling saw systems is an integral part of the production program.
The traditional company Vernet was founded in 1882 in Dijon France by Alfred Vernet. Already the world-famous engineer and visionary Gustave Eiffel used at that time a Vernet punching machine for the steel construction of the famous Eiffel Tower in Paris, which was completed on the occasion of the World Exhibition in 1889. Since 1995, Vernet has been part of the Behringer group of companies and has been trading as Vernet Behringer ever since. Since 2020, Vernet-Behringer is now 100% a company of the Behringer Group of Companies. 

Thanks to our international production facilities, service and sales offices, spare parts and service are available even for older machines. Because of the high quality, we regularly have well-preserved used Vernet Behringer machines, equipment and accessories available.

ZAE Capnord - BP 37423
13 rue de la Brot
21074 Dijon Cedex FRANCE
Tel : +33(0) 380 732 163


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Vernet Behringer machines

The Vernet Behringer product range includes the following machines and systems, which are continuously supplemented and expanded.

Please note the changing performance characteristics with different years of manufacture due to innovations. We therefore do not guarantee or warrant that the information and technical data provided on this website are up-to-date, correct and complete.

Vernet Behringer machines for profile steel processing:

  • Mono Spindle Drilling Machine KBA40 for Drilling and Marking

  • Profile drilling machine series HD-XEVO2 and HD-SEVO for drilling, milling and marking

  • Flame cutting robot RD-X for notching with plasma and autogenous flame cutting

  • Punching and shearing machine, MAPS for punching, shearing and marking

Vernet Behringer machines for angle steel processing:

  • VP-X angle steel machine for punching, drilling, marking and shearing.

  • VP-2X Angle steel machine for drilling, marking, milling, shearing and sawing

Vernet Behringer machines for flat steel and sheet metal working:

  • PG and FGEVO flat steel processing center for punching, drilling and marking of plates and gussets.

  • MAG B flat steel processing center for drilling, punching, marking and flame cutting of sheet metal

  • MAG EVO flat steel processing centre for drilling/milling, marking, deburring and flame cutting of sheet metal

  • PS Punching shearing machine for punching, marking and shearing of flat steels

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