Grinding inner coolant drills

nenok inner coolant drills during the grinding
nenok inner coolant drills during the grinding

Grinding drills

Drills - whether they are HSS drills or carbide drills - need to be regularly re-sharpened for optimum performance on drill lines. This applies, of course, to drill systems with a cooling channel as well as to drill systems without a cooling channel.

inner coolant drill as HSS drill or carbide drill

The inner coolant channel is used for optimum tool cooling directly on the tool cutting edge. On modern drill lines, an air - coolant mixture is forced through the holes directly into the borehole at high pressure. This mixture optimally reduces the dissipation of the extremely high frictional heat generated during the machining of the steel profiles and steel plates.

Flat ground with 170 ° to 175 ° point angle

Especially in steel construction and steel trading, the popular flat ground joint with a point angle of 170 ° to 175 ° has been in demand for many years. Although the normal 118 ° grinding of HSS drills can be used, it is less economical and is therefore rarely used in this market segment.

Regrind HSS inner coolant drills

The resharpening of an HSS drill or an HSS inner coolant drill is usually carried out by the machine operator at the customer's site, or in the tool dispenser on a suitable drill grinding machine. Our customers also like to send the HSS cooling channel drills for regrinding to the Nenok grinding service.

For the grinding of the professional steel flat chisel with the point angle of 170 ° and the centering point not only a suitable drill grinding machine is necessary, but also the corresponding experience of the machine operator.

Do not wait until your drills have already burned out and the cutting area has broken out. Therefore, use our favorable grinding service for regrinding or shortening your HSS drills. Even if the cutting edge has broken out in a drill, it can be reground with sufficient remaining useful life.

We grind HSS inner coolant drills in a diameter range of 10 mm to 50 mm from the well-known manufacturers Gühring, Hartner, Stock, Walter or Cleveland but also drills offered by dealers under your own brand such as Peddinghaus, Dittmann-tools, IP-tools or Voortman.

Nenok as a used machine dealer regularly has well-preserved used drill grinding machines for grinding HSS drills or is also interested in buying well-preserved grinding machines.

Regrind solid carbide drills and carbide cutting bodies

The regrinding of a solid carbide drill is likewise widespread and is usually also offered by the grinding centers of the tool manufacturers or specialist companies with a secondary coating. Although you can regrind the solid carbide drills without a recoating, but then the performance is somewhat limited by the worn coating on the cutting edge. The carbide cutters for the KSEM tool systems from Kennametal, the HT800 Gühring interchangeable plate system or the Hartner Multiplex Drill System, on the other hand, are usually used right up to their limit of use, so that re-sharpening is rarely worthwhile. In principle, re-sharpening of the insert would be possible with proper use.

inner coolant drill with 118° grinding
inner coolant drill with 118° grinding
inner coolant drill with steel flat grinding
inner coolant drill with steel flat grinding
grinding a HSS inner coolant drill on a drill grinding machine from Nenok
grinding a HSS inner coolant drill on a drill grinding machine from Nenok
Make a drill bit to create a centering point
Make a drill bit to create a centering point
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