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Inauguration of the cafeteria

New, modern cafeteria inaugurated at Nenok: an oasis for employees and visitors

The new cafeteria (Kaffeetine) at Nenok was inaugurated today with a joint cooking event. The high-quality interior not only offers a place of relaxation and recreation for employees, but also a welcoming atmosphere for visitors and customers.

The new Kaffeetine is the result of several months of weekend work by the boss and his dedicated helpers to create a space that optimally meets the needs of the employees. With a modern design and high-quality equipment, the Kaffeetine not only offers a wide selection of specialty coffees but also healthy snack options with comfortable seating as an alternative to fast food from the surrounding area.

This Kaffe etine is more than just a place to have a cup of coffee. It is a symbol of our commitment to the well-being of our employees and visitors and to creating a positive working environment.

Of course, we also took a few snapshots of the premises during the inauguration, which you can see in the picture gallery. We are sure that the new facilities will make our working atmosphere even better and increase everyone's well-being.

We look forward to many events together!

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