Cooling liquid

nencool DS 10 and nencool micro cooling liquid

Cooling lubricants for maximum cutting performance in drilling, milling and sawing in steel construction, steel trade, metal construction and plant engineering.

nencool DS 10 cooling liquid

Our cooling liquid nencool DS 10 is free from chlorine, nitrite and mineral oil. Our water-miscible cooling liquid is suitable for drilling and sawing in steel construction, steel trade and metal construction.

Best cooling for a long tool life, easily removable due to the water solubility of nencool DS 10, no cleaning- and retooling works; these are only some of the advantages of our cooling liquid produced in Germany.

Nenok is a specialist for twist drills, such as HSS coolant channel drills, carbide drills, Kennametal KSEM carbide drills and Hartner solid carbide drills for the structural steel industry. nencool DS 10 is used on many beam drill lines, band saws and plate processing machines.

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