nencool DS 10 Advantages and Characteristics

Cooling liquid nencool DS 10 additional information

  • The high cooling performance of nencool DS 10 contributes to a long tool life and reduction of tool- and machine costs.
  • Because of its water solubility, nencool DS 10 is easy to remove, and therefore complex cleaning- and retooling work can be avoided.
  • The surface of the work pieces is exempt from oil residue because nencool DS 10 is free of mineral oil.
  • Containing bactericides, the emulsion stays longer free of germs, hence nencool DS 10 is storable much longer.
  • Because of its non-poluting capacity (pH value 9.0 udilated) nencool DS 10 gives more safety to the user.
  • The workplace stays clean, because nencool DS 10 does not glue or resinify. And you don’t have to monitor and to maintain the change of the cooling liquid any longer.
  • The disposal of used cooling liquid and filter appliances can be reduced to a minimum because the cooling liquid gets positioned exactly to the machined part.
  • nencool DS 10 contains a slight anticorrosive that protects both the work pieces and the machines.
cooling liquid nencool DS 10

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