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Hartner sets an example: Packaging made from 100% recycled plastic

Hartner is setting a milestone in the area of sustainability by gradually introducing packaging made from recycled plastic with immediate effect. This innovative measure makes Hartner the first German tool manufacturer to use recyclate as a packaging material. This decision enables the company to save the environment an impressive 234 tons of newly produced plastic every year.

As a used machine dealer, we have had the issue of sustainability on our radar since the company was founded and are delighted that more and more companies are thinking sustainably.

Seen in a global context, a "plastic mountain" of 12 billion tons will be created by 2050, an immense burden on the environment. Packaging material accounts for over a third of this mountain, and only a minimal proportion is currently recycled or incinerated. As a result, 79 percent of the plastic ends up in landfill or directly in the environment. In light of this problem, Hartner is consciously deciding against further involvement in this scenario and is looking for sustainable solutions in the area of packaging.

The decision to deliver 95 percent of its products in plastic packaging is based on the outstanding protective effect of plastic on high-quality cutting tools during transportation, which we also appreciate when selling Hartner solid carbide drills. To protect the environment, Hartner relies on recyclable packaging solutions made from 100% recycled plastic, specifically from post-consumer recyclate (PCR). This is obtained from plastic waste that private households dispose of via the yellow bag and deposit machines.

The switch to this sustainable packaging is producing impressive results: The use of PCR plastic saves 234 tons of new plastic per year and CO2 emissions in the packaging sector are reduced by 77 percent. Hartner emphasizes that this step is not only a contribution to reducing plastic consumption, but also makes economic sense, as the packaging is just as robust and effective as conventional plastic packaging.

The cooperation with rose plastic AG, an experienced manufacturer of recyclable packaging, supports Hartner in this changeover. The aim is to convert 90 percent of all packaging materials to more sustainable alternatives by the end of 2022, including labels. Grey will therefore become the new black, and Hartner's customers will not only receive high-quality tools, but also a free "environmental bonus" in the form of sustainable packaging.

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