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Solid carbide drills

Solid carbide drills can be regrinded several times and can therefore be used economically in the diameter range from 6.8 mm to 20 mm when used in steel construction. However, we recommend solid carbide drills exclusively for modern drilling rigs with stable material tension, high speeds from 2500 rpm and high drive power, because the carbide material has a very high wear resistance (hardness), but a lower toughness than HSS tool steels and is therefore more sensitive to improper use than normal HSS coolant channel drills or interchangeable plate drills.

With us you can buy solid carbide drills from Hartner at fair prices. The usual standard designs 3xD, 5xD and 7xD you can in the diameters from 6.8mm to 20mm in the following uncomplicated request and order from us.

Special designs are also available on request.

Solid carbide drills from Hartner at low prices

The solid carbide drills comply with DIN 6537. They have fire coating, cooling channel, HE clamping surface, right cutting direction, point angle 140 degrees with 2 surface grinding and a diameter tolerance m7.

Request Hartner Solid carbide drill type 3xD (DIN6537K) with cooling channel

Ø Drill
(D1) in mm
6,8 HARTNER3xD-68
13,5 HARTNER3xD-85
10 HARTNER3xD-10
10,2 HARTNER3xD-102
10,5 HARTNER3xD-105
11 HARTNER3xD-110
12 HARTNER3xD-120
12,5 HARTNER3xD-125
13 HARTNER3xD-130
13,5 HARTNER3xD-135
14 HARTNER3xD-140
14,5 HARTNER3xD-145
15 HARTNER3xD-150
16 HARTNER3xD-160
16,5 HARTNER3xD-165
17 HARTNER3xD-170
17,5 HARTNER3xD-175
18 HARTNER3xD-180
18,5 HARTNER3xD-185
19 HARTNER3xD-190
19,5 HARTNER3xD-195
20 HARTNER3xD-200

Request Hartner Solid carbide drill type 5xD (DIN6537L) with cooling channel

Ø Drill
(D1) in mm
6,8 HARTNER5xD-68
13,5 HARTNER5xD-85
10 HARTNER5xD-10
10,2 HARTNER5xD-102
10,5 HARTNER5xD-105
11 HARTNER5xD-110
12 HARTNER5xD-120
12,5 HARTNER5xD-125
13 HARTNER5xD-130
13,5 HARTNER5xD-135
14 HARTNER5xD-140
14,5 HARTNER5xD-145
15 HARTNER5xD-150
16 HARTNER5xD-160
16,5 HARTNER5xD-165
17 HARTNER5xD-170
17,5 HARTNER5xD-175
18 HARTNER5xD-180
18,5 HARTNER5xD-185
19 HARTNER5xD-190
19,5 HARTNER5xD-195
20 HARTNER5xD-200

Request Hartner Solid carbide drill type 7xD with cooling channel

Ø Drill
(D1) in mm
6,8 HARTNER7xD-68
13,5 HARTNER7xD-85
10 HARTNER7xD-10
10,2 HARTNER7xD-102
10,5 HARTNER7xD-105
11 HARTNER7xD-110
12 HARTNER7xD-120
12,5 HARTNER7xD-125
13 HARTNER7xD-130
13,5 HARTNER7xD-135
14 HARTNER7xD-140
14,5 HARTNER7xD-145
15 HARTNER7xD-150
16 HARTNER7xD-160
16,5 HARTNER7xD-165
17 HARTNER7xD-170
17,5 HARTNER7xD-175
18 HARTNER7xD-180
18,5 HARTNER7xD-185
19 HARTNER7xD-190
19,5 HARTNER7xD-195
20 HARTNER7xD-200

Application areas and limits of the use of solid carbide drills.

Hartner solid carbide drills have a modern Fire coating. The extremely thin Fire coating is a TiAlN/TiN multilayer coating. It increases the wear resistance and thermal load capacity of the carbide. You can recognize the Fire coating on our carbide drills by the purple color.

Hartner solid carbide drill with HE shank and Fire coating
Hartner solid carbide drill with HE shank and Fire coating


Solid carbide drills in use on modern plate machining centers

Due to their extremely high wear resistance, solid carbide drills made of the composite material carbide offer very high cutting performance even without a special coating. However, by coating the solid carbide drills, these already very good wear values can be significantly improved even further.

In the video you can see some examples of the use of solid carbide drills for drilling flat steel and sheet metal. The Kaltenbach KF2506 and Voortman V320 flat steel drilling units or sheet metal processing centers shown in the video have the appropriate stability and correspondingly high drive power with high drill speed, high feed rate and torque. Only with these high-performance drilling units can the drilling performance of the solid carbide drills also be exploited economically.

Where are the limits of carbide drills?

From a drill diameter of approx. 20mm, the use of carbide drills with replaceable carbide cutting body makes more economic sense. As a machine and tool specialist, we can of course also offer you modular drilling systems with exchangeable tool cutting edges:

  • Hartner Multiplex interchangeable insert system
  • Kennametal KSEM Modular Drill System

The Hartner Multiplex carbide cutting edges and Kennametal KSEM are screwed into a tool holder and replaced when worn. However, these carbide cutting bodies have limited regrindability and are therefore not sent for regrinding by most machine users.

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