In this section you will find the different types of trucks, dimensions and experience values for loading and load securing.

Semi-trailer, curtainsider or semitrailer

This type of truck consists of a tractor unit to which a multi-axle semi-trailer (the trailer) is usually attached. Freight forwarders and carriers have a variety of different terms for this type of truck. These different terms often lead to unnecessary confusion when ordering a truck, which can result in additional costs later on.

Semi-trailers in standard version and without a special permit usually have loading dimensions of 13620 mm length, 2480 mm width and an internal loading height of 2700 mm.

However, machine parts are often higher than 2700 mm, so that the usual internal height from the loading edge would not be sufficient. In this case, the megatrailers or megaliners with an internal loading height of 3000 mm are used. These semi-trailers have a lower chassis with a height of only 800 mm (sometimes only 500 mm).

Semi-trailers have a lower tare weight than a truck with trailer and can therefore carry higher loads. The standard load is approx. 32,000 kg with a permissible total weight of 39,000 kg.

Flatbed semitrailers, curtainsiders or semitrailers with a sliding roof are the most commonly used truck types with a roof body for transporting heavy industrial goods such as machinery and equipment. Here, flexible loading of the plant components is possible both from the side with a forklift and from above with a crane.

The sliding roof, also called Edscha roof, is a sliding roof that can be easily opened for loading.

Megatrailer with sliding roof and 3 m interior height

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