Inner Coolant Drills / oil feed drills

Inner coolant drills / oil feed drills in superior quality for drilling lines in steel construction

For best inner cooling at the tool cutting edge

Our inner coolant drills always provide top quality by using high-performance materials that are manufactured in Germany. This material passes through a high advanced production process with a special heat treatment. By using coolant bore holes the drilling heat is reduced straight at the cutting edge. This creates a much higher cutting performance compared to drills without inner cooling. It is beneficial to use a suitable cooling liquid that provides an excellent cooling-performance, anti-corrosive protection, environmental compatibility and varnishing. We therefore highly recommend using the cooling liquid nencool DS 10 or nencool micro.

Inner coolant drill with MT (Morse taper) holder

The inner coolant drills are designed with an MT3 mount from ø 10 mm, from ø 27 mm with MT4 mount. Optionally, the polished section of the HSS inner coolant drill can be made either with 118 ° or with flat section (steel construction section) of 170 °. Most steelworkers use the inner coolant drills with the flat ground joint 170 ° with centring tip, which is particularly suitable for steel construction.

Inner coolant drills from Nenok tools are particularly suitable for use in drill lines, saw drill lines and drill burning machines manufactured by Peddinghaus, Voortman, Kaltenbach, Ficep, Behringer-Vernet, Daito and Danobat.

Coolant for inner coolant drills

It is important to use a suitable coolant, which ensures the advantages of excellent cooling performance, rust protection and environmental compatibility. We recommend the use of the high-performance coolant nencool DS 10 or nencool micro. The cooling liquid nencool DS 10 is water-soluble and is used diluted. The cooling liquid nencool micro is used as minimal lubricant. Most new drill lines use only a minimal liquid such as the nencool micro.

Steel construction grinding 170 ° point angle

The optimal drill bit grinding for drilling flat steel and section steel is an important component for economical steel processing. The grinding with a 170 ° point angle is compared to the standard section of 118 ° in the advantage.

Reground cooling channel drill

The regrinding of the inner coolant drills is usually carried out by the machine operator on a drill grinding machine at the customer's site, or our steel construction customers send the drills to a grinding service.

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