Reduction sleeves with Morse taper

Reducing sleeves with MK morse taper for HSS cooling channel drills

To secure an HSS cooling channel drill in the various drilling spindles holder, the morse tapers are selected by their static friction as a frictional connection. Since the drilling tools are also equipped with different MK Morse taper mountings due to their different sizes, reducing sleeves with inner and outer Morse tapers are required. These reducing sleeves have a larger Morse taper on the outside than the inside, so that an HSS drill with a smaller Morse taper, e.g. MK 1 can also fit into a drill spindle. The common Morse cones in the drill spindles are usually MK 3 or MK 4, the Morse taper of the cooling channel drill in steel mostly MK 2 to MK 4. The reducing sleeves have on one side (sometimes on both sides) holes, necessary for expelling (loosening) the cooling channel drills, countersinks, reamers. The hardened and ground reducing sleeves, based on DIN 2185, are optionally available for axial or radial coolant supply. Peddinghaus drilling lines, such as the FDB 600 or TDK 1000 require a radial air and coolant supply. The Kaltenbach drilling line, for example the WBZ 1000 or WBX 1015 need an axial air and coolant supply instead.

Reduction sleeve
HSS inner coolant drill

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