Screw tap

Taps for highest performance on modern drill lines in the structural steel processing industry

Machine taps in sizes M6 to M20

Taps are increasingly used on modern drill lines in the structural steel processing industry. The powerful drill lines from Ficep, Kaltenbach, Behringer-Vernet, Voortman and Peddinghaus in the steel processing industry are technically capable of automatically cutting threads in flat steel or sectional steel. First, the suitable core hole is drilled with an HSS coolant channel drill or a carbide drill and then the tap is changed with the tool changer to cut the appropriate thread.

In addition to the tap, you can obtain the suitable core hole drill from Nenok as an HSS cooling channel drill, carbide drill or as a solid carbide drill. In the following table you will find an overview of the suitable core hole diameters in steel construction and steel trade for metric threads M8 to M36:

M 8 = core hole diameter 6.8 mm
M10 = core hole diameter 8.5 mm
M12 = core hole diameter 10.2 mm
M16 = core hole diameter 14.0 mm
M20 = core hole diameter 17.5 mm
M24 = core hole diameter 21.0 mm
M27 = core hole diameter 24.0 mm
M30 = core hole diameter 26.5 mm
M36 = core hole diameter 32.0 mm

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