Spare parts

Spare parts for used Peddinghaus machines

Nenok machines offers high quality spare parts and accessories directly ex stock in Cologne

You want to perform better than the average? Then we are your partner for spare parts for used structural steel machinery form Peddinghaus beam drill lines like TDK1000, BDL1250, DSC300, BDL760 and plate processing machines such as FDB600, FDB1000, Signomat, Peddimaster etc.

As a specialst for used structural steel fabrication machinery within the steel processing industry nenok offers a well-equipped stock of spare parts especially for older machines from Peddinghaus, Kaltenbach, Ficep starting from year 1990. Even machines with a running time of 20 and more years need high-quality spare parts. Due to its specialization on used machines nenok has continuously enlarged its stock of spare parts since 1996. That´s why our customers can count on getting high-quality spare parts even many years after the acquisition of a machine.

In our warehouse we have available most of the necessary spare parts for used Peddinghaus machines. That means mechanical, electronic and hydraulic parts such as: Bosch valves, seals, drill-spindles, ball srew, cylinder, bearings, measuring disc for roller feed system, transport rollers, servo drives, CNC controls from Siemens such as Sinumerik 3 G, Sinumerik 810, Sinumerik 840, Fagor CNC controls, Baumüller drives, Siemens drive cards and further more...
Due to our mechanical processing center and the longstanding cooperation with our suppliers we are able to produce, to deliver and implement high-quality parts in a cost saving way.

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