Inner coolant drills Advantages

Inner coolant drills / oil feed drills in superior quality for drilling lines in steel construction


  • Reduction of tool and machine costs through a longer tool life. The outlet port of the coolant is close to the cutting area; consequently you can realize an optimal cooling- and lubrication effect.
  • High drill speed by direct cooling at the cutting point and therefore reduction of the cutting heat.
  • Quick and easy chip removal from the drill hole.
  • Stable mounting in the drill spindle by means of morse taper MK3 and MK4. When using a drill with MK2, a reducing sleeve to MK3 can be used.
  • The inner cooling channel makes the drill much more stable than with an attached cooling channel

Design features

  • Grinding of the peak: grinding of the cone-shaped surface
  • Point angle: 118° / 170 °
  • Reduction of the cutting edge according to DIN 1412 Form A pages
  • Tool shank: extended morse taper
  • Coolant supply: axial or radial by morse taper
  • Optimal hardening and tempering process for long durability

Constant high quality

  • Using selected and patented high performance steels
  • Optimal/solid construction
  • Special heat treatment
  • Use of modern production processes in Germany
  • rregular quality checks
  • Optimal packaging

Field of Application

uitable for drill depths of 5xD and 7xD, horizontal and vertical drilling; suitable for drilling machines and machine centers in order to drill structural steel and cast steel (alloyed and unalloyed), steels with high material strength, profiles and laminations etc.

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