nencool micro Advantages and Characteristics

Coolant liquid nencool micro - Advantages

The coolant liquid nencool micro enables long tool service life through high cooling performance and therefore decreases costs for tools and machines.

The bio-degradable micro-dosage cooling lubricant nencool micro is used on many modern drill and saw lines for cooling the cutting edges.

According to hazardous materials regulations, nencool micro is neither hazardous nor toxic. Through micro-dosage the use of this cooling lubricant minimises environmental impact. Due to their high quality and favourable price-performance ratio, our cooling lubricants are successfully used on a large number of drill and saw lines from the machine manufacturers Kaltenbach, Voortman, Peddinghaus, Ficep and Vernet-Behringer.

Micro-dosage cooling liquid nencool micro in use on a modern band saw

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