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Transporting used structural machinery and equipment to a new location requires a lot of logistics experience and intensive knowledge of the available and economical means of transport. To enable our customers to plan better, we have compiled the following collection of knowledge. Due to our many years of experience in the used machinery trade, we have a high level of knowledge about the worldwide relocation of valuable industrial goods. We have a particularly high level of experience in the transport of machines and equipment from the steel construction, steel trade, mechanical engineering, plant construction and metal construction sectors. As each machine and plant requires very different transport requirements in terms of weight, dimensions and sensitivity, logistics planning is an important task in relocation.

In order to keep the costs for a transport as low as possible, it is therefore imperative to estimate the dimensions of the industrial goods as accurately and as realistically as possible. Unfortunately, an incorrect estimate often leads to considerable delays in delivery and additional costs. This means that both too generous and too tight planning of appropriate means of transport can inevitably have a strong influence on transport costs. You can avoid additional costs due to waiting times for the truck, container, truck crane, forklift and loading personnel, as well as damage due to lack of space or the wrong weight specification. Take a look at our transport and loading checklist below and save time and money on your transport project.

Checklist for a smooth transport process:

Clarify the exact loading and unloading addresses as well as the possibility of accessibility.

  • Is there enough space for loading? (Clearance height and width, floor conditions, etc.)
  • Are all dimensions and weights known and unchanged from the original planning?
  • Is there a loading list, loading plan or packing list? Do the components at the loading point correspond to the lists?
  • Are there any restrictions on the accessibility or access for a lorry, mobile crane or heavy transport?
  • Are access roads to be secured or are they blocked by objects or other vehicles?
  • Are all responsible employees informed about loading and at the loading site in good time?
  • Is there sufficient light, sanitary facilities, telephone network, lifting platforms, ladders, ropes, chains, slings, belts, rubber mats and wood available?
  • Are the crane and forklift capacities sufficient for the piece weights?
  • Is communication in different languages possible?
  • Check the load securing before closing the truck or container incl. documentation with the help of photos.
  • Are the goods insured during transport?

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