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Gietart Sprint 2.6 shot blaster - special sale

Used roller conveyor shot blaster Gietart Sprint 2.6 for steel processing and steel trading on favorable terms and available at short notice from Nenok

The robust and powerful Gietart shot blaster system is the suitable for blasting and descaling of profiles and sheets in steel processing due to its solid construction and modern technology.

The continuous shot blaster is equipped with jet turbines type C380. Each turbine has a drive power of 11 KW and thus sufficient power for optimum blasting quality. The Gietart Sprint 2.6 was in use for 8300 blasting hours for a steel construction company and can quickly be used again at a new location after a relocation by Nenok.

The shot blast machine is in a very good condition. It has a brusher and blower device for the return of the used blasting material. Furthermore, a high-quality filter system for cleaning the blasting material is used in the system. A 2.55 m wide and 6 m long infeed roller conveyor and outfeed conveyor is included in the scope of delivery for material transport. Further roller conveyors in different widths can be offered as an option. The high-quality filter system ensures optimum cleaning of the blasting material. Due to the high availability of high-quality spare parts and the professional service by Gietart Hengelo, this shot blaster is an economical alternative.

  • Passage height: 650 mm
  • Passage width: 2600 mm
  • 6 jet turbines type C 380 each with 11 kW
  • Exhaust air filtration system and scrubber
  • Natus control
  • Powered infeed roller conveyor and exit roller conveyor, each with a length of 6 m

Are you interested in this blasting machine?

In the near future our technicians will disassemble this high-performance shot blaster in order to store it in one of our companies in Cologne or Kirchen Germany. Until mid-October 2018, the plant is still at the old location in the west of Germany and can be visited there by appointment.

If the system is sold before storage and goes directly to the customer, you will receive an attractive special discount.
We look forward to your interest. For more information send us your request to or call us on +49-221-8888260