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With confidence and self-assurance into the new year 2022

We wish you and your team a healthy and successful new year 2022

Many of our customers and suppliers have successfully accompanied us for many years and with some of them we can now celebrate a "cooperation anniversary"!
From the former service provider for drilling lines and saws in steel processing, Nenok has developed to an international special service provider around used machines, cutting tools and service in the steel processing industry.
Even if the past year was still strongly influenced by the current Corona situation with all its difficulties, it is a positive surprise that many machine manufacturers, steel constructors and steel traders have gone through this year quite successfully despite all restrictions.
With exceptional performance and creativity on the part of the entrepreneur and remarkable commitment on the part of the employees, many companies have succeeded in meeting the weekly changing challenges in terms of lack of materials, restricted travel, lack of employees, lockdown and quarantine regulations. Although much has certainly settled in and a certain routine has now been established, the coming year will also demand some flexibility and resilience from us.
Nenok also had to deal with a number of Corona-related difficulties, which is why we are particularly pleased that we have nevertheless achieved many of the goals we set for 2021.
We are therefore ready for new tasks with our range of used machines, tools and services and, despite all the limitations, we are looking forward to implementing exciting projects with our customers in the new year 2022!

Therefore, start with power and confidence together with the Nenok team into an exciting year 2022!

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