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Price reduction solid carbide drill

Price reduction for solid carbide drill with cooling channel and fire coating

Solid carbide drills with cooling channel and Fire coating have proven themselves in the steel processing industry as powerful tools that enable efficient and precise machining. With the recent price reduction of these innovative drills, this breakthrough technology is now even more accessible and economical for use on high drive power drilling rigs.

The price reduction and its impact

Nenok's recent price reduction of solid carbide drills is welcome news for the manufacturing industry. Nenok, in cooperation with Hartner of Albstadt, Germany, has found ways to optimize costs without compromising on drill quality. This results in a particularly attractive price-performance ratio for our customers in the steel construction and steel trade.

Conclusion of the solid carbide drill price reduction

The price reduction for solid carbide drills with lengths of 3 x D, 5 x D and 7 x D is a positive development for steel construction production. It should be noted that the economical use of these drilling tools only makes sense on modern high-performance drilling rigs. A high drilling spindle speed above 2000 rpm and a sufficiently strong torque (drive power) are prerequisites here. With these advanced drilling tools, companies can optimize their production processes, increase efficiency and improve machining quality.

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