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Used structural steel machinery - an attractive investment!

CNC controlled sawing and drilling with used structural steel processing machinery.

The best choice for the steel construction, steel trading and plant construction industry.

Save on the investment costs of your steel processing machinery and purchase a used saw drilling machine as a combination with a beam drill line and a band saw and the appropriate material handling system.

Nenok has the right used structural steel machinery for you.

You have the choice between a simple CNC controlled steel profile drilling machine without a saw or in combination with a circular saw up to the high performance drilling machine in combination with a band saw.

Nenok is one of the leading used structural steel machinery dealer specializing in machinery for steel processing. Thanks to our good contacts in this industrial sector, we have the machines that are suitable for our customers in our machine warehouse and / or still under power from our customers.

Since every steel constructor has different requirements for a new machine, we regularly strive to have the appropriate saw drilling lines available at short notice. We know that often the fast availability, together with a low price, is the reason for the decision to buy a used machine. However, as modern profile steel machining relies on a CNC control to take over the machining data, we only operate machines equipped with a CNC control. Depending on the machine model, the corresponding software is available.

We can currently offer you the following 12 saw-drilling systems and profile drilling machines:

Please note that that all machines are subject to prior sale.

Peddinghaus DSC 300D Saw Drill line y.o.c. 1997
Peddinghaus BDL 600 Saw Drill  line y.o.c. 1998
Peddinghaus TDK 1000 profile beam drilling line built in 1994 with retrofit of a new CNC control in 2009
Peddinghaus TDK 1000 profile beam drilling line built in 1992
Peddinghaus LC1250-TDK 1000/9 saw-drilling line built in 1992 with retrofit a new CNC control in 2006

Kaltenbach APS 615 R beam drilling line built in 1999
Kaltenbach KBS 620 + APS 603 saw-drilling line built in 1999
Kaltenbach KBS 1001 + APS 1015 saw-drilling line built in 2001
Kaltenbach HDM 1432 + KDX 1215 saw-drilling line built in 2004
Kaltenbach KDS 1015 + KBS1010 saw-drilling line built in 2009
Kaltenbach KBS 1051 + KDM1015 saw-drilling line built in 2010

Voortman V613 + HS400 / 800 GBS-L saw-drilling line y.o.c. 2001
Voortman V630 + HS540 / 1100 GBS saw-drilling line y.o.c. 2002

The suitable transport systems, such as infeed and outfeed roller tables, as well as cross transfers, are either included in the scope of delivery or are separately available from Nenok. We will gladly make you an offer with further details about the available equipment and advise you on the technical conditions of the machine. Should it be necessary, we will gladly quote you the professional dismantling, delivery, and installation as well.