KSEM Hartmetallbohrer

KSEM carbide drills from Kennametal modular drill system

For drilling with carbide cutting inserts on high-performance drilling lines in steel construction, steel trade and metal construction.

KSEM carbide drills Kennametal

Kennametal KSEM Carbide drills with inner cooling

KSEM is the hallmark for the highest cutting performance when drilling with solid carbide. The Kennametal KSEM carbide drills with cooling channel and replaceable KSEM carbide inserts (drill bits) are ideally suited for the latest drilling line technology for processing flat steel and profile steel in steel construction. The extremely high cutting performance of Kennametal modern carbide technology results in extremely short drill cycles and exceptionally good economy. The KSEM carbide drills in diameters from 12,5 mm to 40 mm are part of Kennametal standard range and are supplied by Nenok tools to its international steel construction and metal construction customers.

KSEM Kennametal carbide drill insert, drill body, SK40 tool holder
KSEM Kennametal carbide drill insert, drill body, SK40 tool holder

KSEM drill inserts

KSEM drill inserts are easy to change and regrindable. According to the planned application these inserts can be delivered in different varieties. Optimized cutting body geometries and carbide types with different coatings provide for an extremely long durability.

KSEM carbide cutting body in the tool body with cooling channel
KSEM carbide cutting body in the tool body with cooling channel

KSEM drill body lengths

The drill body is the component in which the KSEM body is fixed. The KSEM drill inserts are available in various lengths. Particularly popular and suitable for the steel construction are the tool body lengths of (3 x D) (5 x D) (7 x D), but 10 x D is also possible. This means that the drill body length for a drill with 18 mm diameter, for example, is calculated as follows: 3 x D means 3 x the drill diameter 18 mm results in a workpiece depth of 54 mm to be drilled.

The KSEM tool lengths 7 x D for diameters from 12.5mm to approx. 14 mm and 5 x D above 14 mm are most frequently used. For stability reasons, always choose the shortest possible tool body length for the respective drill insert. Please use the intended drill insert for each tool body. The KSEM drill bodies are supplied with a central clamping bolt and an installation wrench. The whistle notch clamping surface on the bottom of the drill body ensures a perfect hold in the tool holder.

The high-performance KSEM drill inserts with the different coatings now make it possible to cope with the difficult material and vibration conditions in steel construction. However, this requires the use of a suitable drilling line with the necessary high feed rates, torques and speeds.

The Kennametal KSEM drill insert varieties KC7315 and KC7235 are particularly suitable for tough use on drilling lines in steel construction, steel trade and plant engineering due to their special cutting edge geometry, stable construction and high-quality coating.

Due to the somewhat lower vibration behaviour in flat steel machining, the drill insert type KC7315 is increasingly used in flat steel processing. The type KC7235 has a somewhat tougher substrate and can therefore better tolerate the higher vibrations during profile beam processing on older drilling lines.

However, the latest generation of drilling lines has such a stable design that even the use of the KSEM KC7315 type for profile processing does not cause any problems. Changing the drill insert in time enables the professional regrinding of the drill inserts and increases the economic efficiency.

KSEM drill insert from Kennametal with PVD-TiAIN coating
KSEM drill insert from Kennametal with PVD-TiAIN coating

Nenok tools offers you an optimal price-performance ratio for the Kennametal KSEM carbide drills due to its many years of experience and due to many test trials and this with fast delivery times.

We supply you with the appropriate KSEM drill inserts, the KSEM drill bodies, the spare parts and the appropriate tool holders for the respective drilling line from the manufacturers Ficep, Vernet-Behringer, Kaltenbach, Voortman and Peddinghaus. The suitable coolant lubricant nencool micro is also available from nenok.

KSEM drill insert reprocessing

According to the state of wear the regrinding and recoating of your used drill inserts is possible. The KSEM drill inserts are then reground and given a new coating.

KSEM carbide drills from Kennametal in use on profile drilling machine from Voortman

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