Gietart GW 1500-410
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Description of Gietart GW 1500-410

Gietart GW 1500-410 shot blast machine

This used Gietart GW 1500-410 is designed as a continuous shot blast machine for blasting sheet metal and profiles.

Shot blast machines are needed in steel processing to clean steel profiles, flat steel and sheets before and after processing. In order to allow economical and clean processing on a saw, cutting line or drilling line, the impurities such as rust, dirt and rolling residues should be removed. After a processing (sawing, drilling, milling, punching, welding) it can be helpful to blast the workpiece again to enable a high quality coating. This used shot blast machine has been used and regularly serviced at a leading steel service center in Southern Germany and is in good condition.
The operating hours (switch-on time) amount to approx. 30,000 hours.

The Gietart GW 1500-410 blast machine is a solid and reliable standard machine which has become a kind of basic blast machine for many steel fabricators and steel traders internationally for many years. For this reason, inexpensive wear parts and spare parts are available everywhere.

The machine manufacturer Kaltenbach / Gietart will gladly take over the service and maintenance of these machines.

Gietart GW 1500-410 Equipment

The plant is equipped with 4 blast turbines type C350 with 7,5 kW drive power each.
The plant has an integrated cartridge filter and is equipped with a fully automatic brush blow-off system. The following equipment is also included in the scope of supply.

Driven infeed roller conveyor: 14 m length
Driven outfeed roller conveyor: 14 m length
Roller width : 1550 mm
Roller spacing 700 - 1000 mm
Roller height / lay-on height : 1100 mm - to reduce foundation deepening.
The roller conveyor was raised by 450 mm accordingly. Elevations are part of the installation.
Transport weight of the roller conveyor: max. 1000 kg/m.

Therefore only a small foundation depression under the blasting chamber : L 3200 x W 1200 x H 500 mm

  •     Bucket elevator with electronic speed control
  •     Blasting medium regulation
  •     4 x blast turbines C 350
  •     Blast media pre-separator
  •     Brush and blow-off system
  •     Feed rollers with electronic safety shutdown at the beginning of the rollers and scanning for abrasive control
  •     Automatic adjustment of the throughput speed
  •     Discharge rollers with electronic safety shutdown at the end of the rollers
  •     Extraction system GDF6
  •     Noise isolation : enclosure

Availability : from May 2022

GW 1500-410 Loading scheme

Maximum loading scheme for optimal blasting result for beams and profiles.
Examples from it:

  •     2 x UNP - 400
  •     1 x HEB - 1000
  •     2 x HEB - 340
  •     3 x HEB 240
  •     6 x HEB 100
  •     7 x 100 x 100 L - profile

The blast machine manufacturer Gietart from Hengelo in Holland has been part of the Kaltenbach Group from Lörrach for several years.

  • : 1500 mm
  • : 600 mm
  • : 4 Stck.
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