Gietart GW1500-410
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Description of Gietart GW1500-410

The Gietart GW1500 blast machine, built in 2004, impresses with its sophisticated configuration and diverse equipment features. The feed-through opening is a generous 1600 x 650 mm, which enables efficient processing of a wide variety of workpieces. The machine is equipped with a total of 4 powerful turbines, each with an impressive 11 kW output.

The working height of the system is 900 mm when the system is integrated into a foundation. Without a foundation, the working height is 1,300 mm.

Special features include a brush/blower system and an integrated cartridge filter, which further improve the efficiency and ease of maintenance of the system. The infeed process is facilitated by a 16 meter long roller conveyor, which merges seamlessly into an infeed cross transport with 6 units. This cross transport is equipped with a lifting system and extends over 9000 mm, which enables smooth handling of a wide variety of workpieces.

A hopper with gratings and an auger under the export roller conveyor (length 4 meters) complete the system to optimize the material flow. The outfeed process is facilitated by a 17 meter long roller conveyor, accompanied by an outfeed cross conveyor with 6 units and a lifting system with a length of 3500 mm.

Additional elements such as a switch plate at the end of the outfeed roller conveyor and a 4-sided noise protection wall with a noise reduction to 85 DBA are evidence of the well thought-out design in terms of efficiency and user comfort. The system is completed by an operating manual in German, which ensures simple operation and maintenance.

Overall, the Gietart GW1500 blast machine is a powerful and well-equipped solution for blasting sheet metal, profiles and flat bars in various dimensions. The system, which is operated with round (low-carbon) abrasive, is ideal for sheets with a maximum width of 1500 mm and a minimum thickness of 6 mm. Profiles with dimensions of up to 1000x300 mm and flat bars from a size of 60x8 mm can also be processed without any problems.

It is recommended to use a scaffold for shorter or thinner parts and uneven flat bars. The parts to be blasted must be dry and only have rust and scale on them, free of other contaminants such as oil, grease and paint. This machine is in very good condition and promises efficient and precise blasting for various applications.

The blast machine has been regularly maintained. The operating hours are 5203h and the blasting hours amount to 3390h (as of 19.09.2023).

The blasting machine manufacturer Gietart from Hengelo has been part of the Kaltenbach Group from Lörrach for several years, so the supply of spare parts is guaranteed.

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