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Agtos RT 15 - 06 - 3.6.3 - 4 - 15

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Description of Agtos RT 15 - 06 - 3.6.3 - 4 - 15

The Agtos blasting machine type RT 15 - 06 - 3.6.3 - 4 - 15 is suitable for the cleaning of workpieces. There are two blasting media: round grain and wire grain. Both have a size of 0.3 - 1.5 mm. However, the use of wire grit increases the wear of a blasting machine.
Sheets in the size of width x thickness 1540 x 50 can be blasted. The batch lenght must be at least 1200 mm, the batch height should not exceed 600 mm, and the batch width should not exceed 1540 mm.
The 4 high-performance turbines each have a drive power of 15 kW. The blasting wheel of the blasting machine has a diameter of 380 mm and the blade width is 55 mm. There are 6 blades per turbine. The blasting agent throughput per turbine is approx. 247 kg / min. The discharge speed is about 89 m / s. The filters have a volume of 7500 m³ / h with a suction pressure of 200 daPa. The residual dust content in the exhaust air is <1 mg / m³.
The cartridge filters of the Agtos blasting machine are made of Polyster. There are 20 pieces of filter cartridges.

  • : 1540 mm
  • : 600 mm
  • : 4 Stck.
  • : 130 kW
  • : B x H x T 5 x 6,04 x 7 m
  • : 380 mm
  • : 7 x 5 x 6,04 m
  • : 6 St.

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