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Messer Cutting Systems CNC oxyfuel cutting systems, plasma cutting systems, laser cutting systems

As one of the leading and internationally known cutting system suppliers Messer Cutting Systems offers CNC controlled system solutions in 2D and 3D for plasma cutting, oxyfuel cutting and laser cutting.

At Nenok you will find various used Messer Cutting machines, equipment and accessories from the fields of oxyfuel cutting, plasma cutting and laser cutting with the respective additional equipment for the applications of drilling, tapping, countersinking, milling, tool change, material change, phase cutting, tube cutting etc.

The procurement and marketing of high-quality machines for steel construction, steel trade, plant engineering, mechanical engineering, metal construction and shipyards - that is our core business. No more and no less. Here we know our way around - in Germany and worldwide close to the market.

Messer Cutting Systems History and Experience

With more than 120 years of experience in the field of thermal cutting technology, Messer Cutting Systems is a globally recognized manufacturer of innovative and reliable cutting systems.

The founders of this traditional German engineering company are also the inventors of oxyfuel technology and have been instrumental in the development of oxyfuel cutting technology.

The Messer Cutting product range includes subsequent oxyfuel cutting machines and plasma cutting systems, which are continuously supplemented and expanded. Please note the changing performance characteristics with different years of construction due to innovations.

Messer Cutting Systems GmbH

Otto-Hahn-Straße 2-4 64823 Groß-Umstadt Phone: +49 (0) 6078 787 0

The product range of Messer Cutting Systems includes a variety of different cutting systems from the fields of plasma cutting machines, laser cutting machines, oxyfuel cutting machines

Messer Cutting oxyfuel cutting machines and plasma cutting systems series


The SmartBlade is a low-cost plasma cutting machine in compact design for small companies as a so-called entry-level machine for thermal cutting.

MetalMaster 2.0

The MetalMaster 2.0 is a low-cost CNC cutting machine either as oxyfuel cutting machine or plasma cutting machine or as a combination of both cutting systems for companies with limited space and low budget.


The following are further additions to the product range of Messer Cutting Systems Maschinen- und Anlagentechnik.

Because of the high quality we have regularly well maintained Messer Cutting cutting systems available for you.

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Messer Oxyfuel Technology

With many years of experience since 1898, Messer Autogentechnik can offer solutions for almost any application in the field of oxyfuel technology. The MESSER product range includes gas tapping points, safety devices, hoses, handles and devices for handy cutting.

At the Messer Cutting Systems site in Groß-Umstadt, Germany, experience in welding and process technology is combined with innovation, quality and reliability.

Messer Cutting Systems GmbH (OBU)

Oxyfuel Business Unit Am Brüchelsteg 8 64823 Groß-Umstadt

Phone: +49 6078 787 330

Oxyfuel technology - Safety devices

At every gas tapping point a safety device is absolutely necessary. Messer Cutting Systems therefore offers you an extensive product range according to DIN EN 730-1, DIN EN 561, as well as according to ISO 5175 and ISO 7289. No matter whether for a cylinder pressure reducer, as termination of a gas supply panel or directly at a hand or machine torch: Messer's safety devices ensure your safety. The combination of gas non-return valve (NV), flame arrester (FA) and thermal afterflow arrester (TV) provide you with optimum protection against flashback and gas backflow.

Oxyfuel technology - pressure regulators

At each gas control line, pressure regulators represent the connection between gas supply and gas burner. Depending on gas pressure, volume, required connections or the type of gas, different aspects have to be considered with the necessary safety. A technically flawless and at the same time safe tapping point has the highest priority here. With many years of experience in oxyfuel technology, Messer Cutting Sysstems offers the right solution for your gas supply. Our extensive product range offers a variety of different pressure reducers for different applications.

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