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Crisis management in the steel construction and steel trading industry

The first week of an almost complete public lockdown is behind us. The only thing certain is that the state of emergency will continue for a while and Nenok would like to support his suppliers and customers in the field of used structural steel machinery with some constructive considerations in this difficult period.

At the moment it is especially important for many companies to motivate their employees and to strengthen their mental and also physical condition. The importance of adhering to hygiene measures, distance rules and contact reduction, should by now be clear to everyone. 

However, you can also support your employees with further measures. We would like to give you some ideas and suggestions in this regard:

A clear regulation for the acceptance of deliveries by parcel services or other external suppliers. For example, you should also prescribe the safety distance here and only use gloves when accepting deliveries and signing.

The regular disinfection of materials and tools used by various employees. 

The observance of distance regulations especially in the smoking areas, which are often frequented by several colleagues at the same time.

A regular and good ventilation of the offices and workshops, especially in the often heavily loaded areas during welding, flame cutting, grinding and blasting. Here the use of modern, efficient filter systems can be a sensible and practical help. 

Also useful are the Uniwipe Ultragrime Industrial Wipes, which are not only versatile due to their excellent cleaning performance, but also have disinfecting properties - which is another practical advantage in the current situation.

Perhaps right now you are also thinking more intensively than usual about the physical condition of your employees? What do you think about the free availability of fresh fruit or vitamin tablets to strengthen the immune system of your employees.

Also, the use of a delivery service during the lunch break is more advisable at the moment than having each employee go to the nearest supermarket for themselves.

If you work with temporary workers or subcontractors, a few measures to distract and engage these employees during their rest periods could be useful. Have you ever thought about an in-house sports challenge? Or a DVD sharing service? Be creative and take into account the ideas your employees have themselves. 

In order to strengthen or facilitate internal communication, the establishment of a Whatsapp Group (or alternative messenger services such as Telegram, Threema, Signal, etc.) can be helpful.

Reliable telephone availability of your company even in times of thinned out office staffing can be ensured by using professional service providers.

In this sense the Nenok team wishes you all the best and good luck for the coming weeks.