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Steel construction, steel trade, plant construction and mechanical engineering face great challenges - use the crisis as an opportunity!

The challenges posed by the rapid and daily changing developments of the current corona crisis also present companies in steel construction, steel trade and the entire mechanical engineering sector with unexpectedly demanding tasks.

Nenok, as a specialist supplier of used machines, services and tools for steel processing, is in close contact with its customers and suppliers and already has knowledge of one or the other short-term plant closure necessary. Also many small but important supplier companies such as advertising agencies, exhibition stand builders, cleaning companies and similar businesses get into existential difficulties. Therefore it is important to support these small companies with projects that keep them alive during the crisis. Therefore Nenok ordered the extension and revision of their own internet presence only last Friday. This not insignificant investment should on the one hand give the service provider planning security and on the other hand further improve Nenok's already very good findability in the world market. This measure is an example which could also bring a considerable added value for other companies at the end of the crisis. In addition, we have not cancelled orders to other service providers, but have adjusted them in order to show our solidarity with our long-standing suppliers.

Furthermore, we would like to take the opportunity at this point to introduce a few constructive and confident considerations into the increasingly worried reporting. Even though it should be clear to everyone that it is now particularly important to switch from a "panic mode" to a "creative mode", this remains a challenge that is definitely not easy to implement.

Perhaps a short break in nature will be helpful in this regard, to get your thoughts in order and start the new week with positive energy.
So it is certainly a particularly important task for all companies and especially for their managers in this phase to communicate simply and clearly to the employees and to also see the necessary measures, such as working from the home office, the necessary distance from colleagues, the general handling of necessary hygiene measures or the changed requirements for the way to work (e.g. bicycle instead of public transport) as an opportunity. In the past, many companies have struggled with the digitalisation of processes and the opening up to modern workplace solutions. The fact that they are now forced to open up to such methods and to create the necessary technical conditions also means a competitive advantage for the time after the crisis.
In this context, the increased exchange with the respective industry association is also helpful.

Especially in manufacturing, many companies have a number of tasks that are often neglected in the hectic pace of day-to-day business and which can be tackled in the current situation, such as the sorting and sorting of tool stocks, the anticipatory ordering of possible tools and spare parts, the intensive maintenance of machines and plants and much more.

Strategic planning can also certainly be dealt with better than usual in a phase of general "pause". What meaningful cooperation can there be with other companies? How can synergies, perhaps even with competitors, be used cleverly and, if necessary, help each other through this crisis?
Which activities can be outsourced? Here, the individual circumstances are certainly different, but the following applies to all companies: only those who are open to unusual solutions will be able to cope with unusual challenges.

With this in mind, we wish our customers and suppliers a sense of proportion and creativity in tackling the tasks that lie ahead - and of course: stay healthy!

At Nenok itself, however, business operations continue with the necessary restrictions. Due to the current travel restrictions, the operative processing of projects is partly postponed. However, the availability of spare parts and tools is not affected. Therefore, we are devoting more attention to topics that can also be implemented in the current situation and which should ensure that we can support our customers quickly and reliably in the implementation of necessary measures after the end of this crisis.