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Training on Voortman V600

Insight into the internal training on the Voortman V600 profile drilling machine from Nenok

Nenok offers an in-house training course on the Voortman V600 profile beam drilling machine, led by Jürgen Hönsch, an expert in steel processing machines. This training aims to provide employees with the necessary skills to effectively use the Voortman V600 profile beam drilling machine. This drilling machine is known for its precision and efficiency as an entry-level machine for CNC machining of steel profiles in steel construction and plant engineering. Through hands-on practice and collaboration, participants will be empowered to improve their skills and maximize the machine's performance. This training is an important part of Nenok's continuous professional development and helps to ensure that employees are always at the cutting edge of technology.

The Voortman V600 profile beam drilling machine is a modern CNC-controlled machine designed for the efficient machining of profile beams in the steel industry. With its precision and versatility, it enables the drilling, tapping, countersinking and marking of profile beams with the highest accuracy and speed. With its advanced technology, space-saving design and user-friendly operation, the Voortman V600 offers an effective solution for demanding requirements in a small workshop space. As a specialist in used steel processing machines, Nenok regularly tests young used machines with the latest tool technologies to inform its own employees and customers about the new technologies available.

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