Kaltenbach Sprint A1504
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Description of Kaltenbach Sprint A1504

The Kaltenbach Gietart Sprint 1504 shot blast machine is designed as a continuous shot blast machine for the economical blasting of sheet metal and profiles in the steel construction and steel trade.

Through a name change, this Sprint 1504 blast machine is now offered again under the company name Gietart.

The modern and reliable Kaltenbach Sprint 1504 was manufactured in the sister company at Gietart in Hengelo. The blast machine is equipped with 4 pcs  C380 blast turbines with 11kW each. The Sprint 1504 continuous sandblasting machine is suitable for blasting sheet metal and profiles with a maximum document width of 1510 mm and a maximum workpiece height of 430 mm. Small parts can be processed with a blasting basket. The plant is further equipped with a high-performance filter system and a fully automatic brush and blow-off system.
For material transport, the plant has a transport system with a driven infeed roller conveyor and an outfeed roller conveyor, which is elevated in this blasting plant due to the above-floor design.

The plant is located in the centre of the city.

The plant is in a very good condition and has only approx. 2800 blasting hours and approx. 5400 operating hours. Due to the good maintenance, the plant is immediately usable again at a new location for blasting.

Nenok is happy to offer you professional dismantling, transport to a new location and assembly of the Kaltenbach Gietart Sprint 1504 blast machine. This continuous blast machine does not require a foundation pit and can therefore be installed above ground. Installation in a foundation pit is of course also possible. A layout plan is available on request.

The reliable Kaltenbach Sprint continuous blast machines are manufactured at Gietart in Hengelo, the Netherlands. The machine service, the original wear parts and the spare parts procurement are carried out by the Kaltenbach Group with its worldwide subsidiaries.

The Kaltenbach Sprint continuous blast machines are manufactured reliably by Gietart in Hengelo, the Netherlands.

  • : 1 St
  • : 1510 mm
  • : 430 mm
  • : 4 St.
  • : 11 kW
  • : 0,8 - 1,5 m/min.
  • : 5293 mm

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