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Description of Rösler RRB 27 6

Rösler RRB27/6 Roller Conveyor Shot Blasting System

Blast Cabinet
Tunnel-shaped design based on the pass-through principle, built solidly and robustly with highly wear-resistant construction with a pre-chamber, blast chamber, and after-chamber.

Protected against wear, with a series of rubber protective curtains between the rollers of the roller conveyor to protect against the escaping blasting media.

Blast Chamber
Completely lined with manganese steel for wear resistance, with additional gap-free, hung, and/or bolted protective plates made of high-strength manganese steel.

Lined against wear, with a series of rubber protective curtains between the rollers of the roller conveyor to protect against the escaping blasting media.

Blast Chamber with a large inspection door with electromechanical limit switch safety devices.

Max. Clear passage height: 700 mm
Max. Clear passage width: 2700 mm
Infeed roller conveyor without protection covers
Workpiece transport system
Consisting of a special roller conveyor with:

Hardened rollers in the blasting area
External, dustproof, and self-centering bearings
Drive via external, covered chain drive from roller to roller
Variable drive motor
Max. Workpiece width: 2500 mm
Max. Workpiece height: 600 mm
Min. Workpiece length: 2500 mm
Min. Workpiece thickness: 6 mm
Max. Roller spacing (center to center): 800 mm
Roller diameter: 140 mm
Max. Load capacity: 1500 kg/m
External ventilated roller conveyor drive motor: 2.2 kW
Without external roller conveyor
Pass-through speed adjustable via frequency converter at 50 Hz: 3.2 m/min
Blasting System
6 pieces of Rösler "Hurricane® H42" centrifugal wheel units

Ideally positioned, evenly distributed on the blast chamber
With easily replaceable throwing blades
In individual housings with an inspection cover secured with a limit switch
Directly driven
Number of throwing blades: 6
Centrifugal wheel diameter: 420 mm
Drive power per centrifugal wheel: 15 kW
Ejection speed: up to about 80 m/s
Total blasting media throughput: up to 1800 kg/min
Designed for blasting media filling: approx. 6000 kg
Safety and maintenance of the centrifugal wheel units:
The lower centrifugal wheel units are additionally protected against falling parts by an upwardly sloping edge. The upper centrifugal wheel units can be quickly and easily replaced using an on-site bottle hoist.

Blasting media transport and preparation system
Blast system floor designed as a collecting hopper perpendicular to the direction of passage with two longitudinally covered screw conveyors protected against wear.

Drive power of longitudinal screw conveyors: 1.5 kW each
Safety cover under the rollers (outside the blasting area)
Transverse screw conveyor for blasting media transport to the cup elevator
Drive power per transverse screw conveyor: 4.0 kW
Cup elevator with
Bolted, highly wear-resistant cups
Special cup elevator belt drive and deflecting drum
Cup elevator drive motor: 3.0 kW
Automatic swivel screen integrated into the cascade air classifier for the automatic separation and discharge of coarse impurities from the blasting media
Screen insert with 8 mm mesh size
Executed as a pneumatically operated rocker with a wear-resistant cover made of manganese steel

  • : 1 St
  • : 2700 mm
  • : 700 mm
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