Ficep 1201 FRC
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Mitrol Pegaso
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Description of Ficep 1201 FRC

FICEP Flex notching machine type FICEP FRC 1201

The Ficep FRC 1201 notching machine is part of the modern Ficep Flex notching machine series.

This modern CNC-controlled notching machine is suitable for cutting and notching profile types H / U / L / flat and square tubes. The profile is positioned in the system at the position to be cut using a pulling gripper measuring carriage and later cut out.

Cutting units:

This profile beam notching system is equipped for cutting with oxyfuel and plasma. The plasma power source is a Hypertherm HYPERFORMANCE PLASMA HPR 260 XD suitable for material thicknesses up to 32 mm. Above this material thickness, an oxyfuel cutting unit is used.

Transport system:

Infeed side before notching unit : Chain drag cross conveyor - length 11150 mm - conveying on both sides
Roller conveyor, designed for 12 m profiles - width 1300 mm
Outfeed side after notching unit : 4 x chain drag cross conveyor - length 6450 mm

CNC control and software:

The modern CNC control is from Ficep's own manufacturer Mitrol with the Pegaso software including remote maintenance option and data transfer interface.
The filter unit for dirt extraction is from Donaldson Torit DCE
Safety: via fence and light barriers
Max. Profile cross-section : 1220 x 600 mm
Min. material length : 2500 mm
Working height : 865 mm
Weight: 7000 kg
Weight of firing unit cover : 1200 kg

The modern FRC 1201 notching system is in very good condition.

More information about this machine model:

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